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Grand Theft Auto IV – What can we expect now

Titles in the GTA series have always been heavily based on the mission (tasks set must be completed to progress through each game), but the freedom to explore and play outside of the missions in GTA IV will now more relevant to progress in the game, according to comments by the spokesman from Rockstar: "We're really trying to blur the line between the mission] in [and mission abroad. Thus, history, and what you do outside of it, and how those two things influence each other. "

An Xbox 360 preview of Grand Theft Auto IV, released in May 2007 Game Informer reveals that the story begins with Bellic standing inside depositing a taxi (which operates the Roman district of broker in a converted garage industrial) is working on a messy desk in an environment of poor quality. Bellic goes to a brownstone house broker, where he pushed the door and pulls out his weapon, the show, however, not occupied.

He opens the back door and smashed the window of a red four-door car with his elbow. The broken glass falls onto the street and the seat of the car, as Bellic unlocks it inside. He hot-son of the car and rushes to his next destination. The camera angle behind the car is closest to the vehicle in previous GTA titles, which enables more detail on the car in sight. After selecting a radio station, Bellic navigates to a section BOABO reach the pier. Pigeons and waves can be heard in the distance.

Bellic then pulls his phone, which has options for the directory telephone, email, organizer, camera on the LCD. Select the directory, and it comes with another set of options: City Contact, Docks Friend, and Cab Contact. After a brief conversation he informs the receiver to meet him on the docks.

It is an overview of the mission called "To Live and Die in Alderney", which is the second part of "Truck Hustle". The second mission is called "Jamaica" Heat and acts as a tutorial for the new cover / targeting system. The third mission is called "Jacob's Ladder, and the fourth mission is called" Harbouring a grudge. "This mission has an Irish character called Patrick McReary, who is related to Francis.

Places and establishing

Niko outside a taxi depot in Broker Roman. Main article: Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto) Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in a redesigned Liberty City, consisting of five municipalities, four of the boroughs of New York and New Jersey. Broker is the equivalent of Brooklyn, Queens is Dukes, Bohan is the Bronx, Manhattan is Algonquin, and New Jersey is Alderney (after Channel Island of the same name). An area of Staten Island-esque does not appear in the game the reason that Rockstar Games believes it would be fun to play. Dan Houser said that there would be no "dead spots" or "relevant space" in Liberty City as wide deserts in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The total area of the map is smaller than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but the new version of Liberty City will be much more detailed and is the largest single city in the Grand Theft Auto. According to the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (English edition), "for go from one side of the new and improved Liberty City to the other will take you at least one hour. "Rockstar Games has stated that the largest town in one game Grand Theft Auto, however, and much smaller than "San Andreas" is similar in scope when "the level of verticality City, the number of buildings that can enter, and the level of detail in the buildings "are taken into account. In addition, developers are still deciding whether the bridges will be used to loop certain areas, by blocking access to the Cross them.Eventually, the player will be able to lead Niko to cross the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges and explore.

Screenshots show that the Brighton Beach area is known as "Hove Beach" from Brighton and Hove, the English town of the region is named, Coney Island is the new name "Carney Island" Central Park is the name of "Media Park". The Statue of Happiness "is the equivalent of playing the Statue of Liberty," Star Junction "is Times Square" BOABO "(Under the ramp viaduct Algonquin Bridge) is DUMBO, the "Thornton Building" is the Flatiron Building, and "Domino Sugar Factory is Twitchins Brooklyn," GetaLife " building is the MetLife building, the Booth Tunnel "is the Lincoln Tunnel. Other structures include the Coney Island Cyclone, the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.

The game is supposed to be incredible, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. You can now book these companies Best Buy or off games in

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Well Well, I'm done the game and unlock all the islands I can not find a way to get 6 stars

Just keep shooting. Stay at least 50 police officers. Also the helicopters too. Once you have 6 stars and survive, we must lose

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