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Using the vicissitudes of his business on the Web to increase sales

With the phenomenal success of the film and James Cameron's Avatar popular children's television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and are familiar with the concept of creation our own avatars – digital characters we can customize to reflect or what we like.

Your avatar can represent what they really are, their gender, height, age, color hair interests, and social position, or perhaps an idealized version of what you want to be. The fact is that the choice is yours – and nobody needs to know what actually appears.

In fact you have already created a personal avatar for use in areas such as computer games (like Wii or Xbox 360) in forums (as Meez and Identicon) with instant messaging (such as Windows Instant Messenger) and on their blogs.

However, avatars are not limited to recreational or personal communications, and I propose that the addition of the vicissitudes one of his websites is a good idea. In fact, the use of an avatar on your business website could be benefits arrogance that leads to increased sales, lead generation and customer service. In fact, recent figures show that the conversion rates can increase by 144%!

What is the origin of the term avatar?

The origins of the word avatar comes from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, 1992, which was developed from the Sanskrit word avatara is a concept similar to that realization. However, it is used for the representation on-screen player in 1985 by Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer in Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

Today the term refers to a simple animated, talking, the graphic image that represents a person.

Why use an avatar on the website of the company?

By adding a new avatar to talk to your website, it will be easier to connect and communicate with their customers visit. As you visit landing pages, customers can see and understand that the avatar becomes their messages quickly and easily.

This turnover and a powerful marketing tool is exactly you need to do business in these difficult economic times.

Have an avatar on your website:

* Increase Sales and folders

* Reduce the bounce rate

* Encourage your customers to spend more time on your site

* Make it easy to show customers what you offer

* Guidelines for a purchase decision

* Re reinforce the call to action ("click the red button to buy "

* Support for last minute deals

* Reflect Holidays and special occasions as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

* Facilitate client access to email opt-in mailing list

* Support copy written on your site

* Adding a human element to your site and visitors feel more welcome – as they would in a real store.

Other benefits include:

* Communicate directly with customers having an impact – they do not want to click on your page

* You can send a quick message – and change the message when you need to make their offer to date as possible

* You can influence visitors with spoken a call for action – which does not rely on what they love to read

* Stand out – which is certainly its competitors

* Save money – Have a personal avatar to replace costly or business

* No programming skills and is compatible with all server technologies

How to use an avatar on the website of a company.

Once you have found your site chosen Avatar

* You can choose from a series of ups and downs of stock or use a picture of himself

* Customize your avatar to reflect the image you want for your business, including age, skin, eyes, hair, lips, the amount of makeup and clothes.

* You can also choose from characters such as Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln or even a dog

* Record your own voice or use integrated text-to-talk in different languages and accents

* Change the background of your avatar for him Or it may be in the office, on the beach or anywhere you choose

* Construction on Lead collection, FAQ, and even artificial intelligence chat

* Publish content – on its Web site to the HTML page, Flash animation, blogs eBay auctions, PowerPoint presentations, emails and more.

What company offers the best business Avatars?

Of course, there are many sites where you can create your own avatar, but sites like IMVU and Meez are really there for social networks as WeeWorld games.

For a truly professional avatar you need to find sites like SitePal.

SitePal offers more than 250 characters 2D and 3D values that can be personalized with changes in age, skin, eyes, hair, lips and clothing. You can use your own photo (of you or even your dog!) Or choose a photo from his collection. Her latest technology means you can even facial expressions of Human add to your character as happy, sad, angry, embarrassed and surprised.

SitePal, Oddcast Inc. in began in 2003 and now is used by over 10,000 customers in 95 countries. Clients use the services avatar for sales, marketing, customer service, and training.

SitePal avatars can speak pre-recorded audio in any language. SitePal avatars can also talk about name-based audio or text to dynamic databases, using alternative text to speech in 15 languages. 20% of customers are Oddcast non-English speaking countries and many other clients can take advantage of Multi-lingual.

Unlike other sites, there is a cost for using SitePal and it is from $ 9.95 a month – so I would not recommend it for personal use. However, commercial use, really a SitePal avatar created add a new dimension to your site – and reap the profits.

You can make your avatar as you want – And that is the best virtual employee for your company.

Tips on using avatars in your company

Avatars improve traffic and conversions. Here are some of the best tips to make the best use Your avatar:

Avoid excessive use – set up your avatar speak once per visit, unless you click on the visitor. You can also add a tab control audio

Good use of audio – If possible, use a service professional voice recording. If it is not possible to use the simple sign up by phone in a room without noise background.

Keep cool – load the image and the message of nature to sustain the impact. We recommend you upgrade the character of each quarter and let your character reflect seasonal greetings, special promotions and company announcements

Choose avatar right – choose a character reflects your target market. Your character is a virtual spokesperson for your company to create one that your customers will respond.

Be creative – use your avatar for all types of marketing to answer visitors' questions in real-time animation Flash tutorial. Use your character in an HTML email to increase click rates. All these lead to increased traffic, prospects and well-informed better sales conversion.


Avatars I've used a number of my own websites and found them very useful to retain customers when they came to my site. I highly recommend it. For more information, see www.squidoo.com / Avatarsforbusiness.

About the Author


Technology is so important for today’s business – the wrong choice can really have a negative effect on the bottom line for your company. The right choice opens up a new world of opportunities. I have been involved in marketing for 16 years – and I am no techie. However, I like using tools that use all the latest technological advances but are easy to use in my business. For further information on Sitepal 

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