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Band Bundle
Band Bundle

Buy Guitar Hero III Bundle Online

People are rocking and are out there to buy Guitar Hero iii bundle. They want to get their hands on to the latest Guitar Hero series. This was released last Holidays but it is still in demand.

If you are planning to buy Guitar Hero iii bundle, chances are there are some stores that no longer has the game in their stocks. In fact, Activision has already released a financial report stating that the Guitar Hero 3 series has broken the record of the previous installments. In just a week after release, the game has already reached $115 million in sales.

In addition to the standard Guitar Hero features that gamers have known and loved, people who buy Guitar Hero iii bundle see and experience new features such as the killer options like the multiplayer action-inspired battle mode, unlockable content, authentic rock venues, and grueling boss battles.

Plus, the expanded online multiplayer game modes let the competitive rockers compete with their counterparts.

They can also go head to head with the true legendary rocker Slash in a level. There are also a bunch of new songs. The game features 70 of the best, biggest, and loudest songs that have ever been compiled in a game.

To elaborate, here are the featured bands whose songs are included once you buy Guitar Hero 3. You can rock like Queens of the Stone Age, Heroes del Silencio, Heart, Santana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lacuna Coil, Blue Oyster Cult, Living Colour, Pearl Jam, Revolverheld, Bret Michaels Band, Die Toten Hosen, Pat Benatar, The Hellacopter, Gallows, Muse, ZZ Top, Priestess, NAAST, Tenacious D, Backyard Babies, AFI, Mountain, Weezer, Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Superbus, Slayer, The Strokes, Kiss, Scorpions, Kaiser Chiefs, Beastie Boys, Alice Cooper, The Stone Roses, Velvet Revolver, Foghat, Red Hot Chili Peppers, In Flames, Posion, DragonForce, Guns N’ Roses, and The Killers.

Months after its release, people still buy Guitar Hero iii bundle simply because it has met the customers’ expectations and actually delivered. Gamers of the franchise continue to rock on to their heart’s content.

Those who buy Guitar Hero iii bundle also wonder whether they should get the new guitar as the controller or settle for the GH2 controller.

Well, if they get the guitar then it gives them a better feel of being a rocker. It is also more convenient for them to control.

It is also interesting to note that one can buy Guitar Hero iii bundle and also go mobile. That’s proof on how in demand this game is to people.

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Is there going to be a band bundle for Guitar Hero 5?

Is there going to be a bundle with the drums and guitars and microphone?
And also if there is no band bundle how will i get the drums and stuff? Will i have to buy it seperately?

Currently RedOctane doesn’t have the band bundle listed on their website, but considering the GH5 drumset was recently revealed, they’ll probably announce a Band Bundle soon.

They might be holding off on announcement so that people continue to buy World Tour band bundles as long as possible.

Lockerz Unboxing video ( PSP Rock Band Bundle)!!!!!

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