Black Gamecube

Black Gamecube
Black Gamecube

Samsung LN32C350

Samsung LN32C350


Samsung LN32C350
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What I like about this TV is the display of information, much information about the next program. It can also show all the channels at a glance what each game – a function that a number of “fresh. Very light, sound, beautiful photographs, many extras, such as USB for photo / music keys for easy access to the front switch – difficult to understand – that’s what. To Perfect for the price. 

The only thing missing is a green built for wireless Inte Rent, lol.


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BuyingSamsung LN32C350 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black)

Samsung LN32C350 Review from LCD TV Buying Guide

Picture Quality Performance: With 480i images we noted some jerky motion artifacts in the background of some scenes. However, I did not see much offensive negatives in the foreground and was very pleased with the detail offered in 480i. The processors did a very nice job. Color rendition was not oversaturated, if not sometimes a little muted. 

With our Blu Ray set to 720p resolution to match the TVs resolution we were very impressed at the bright sharp images and intense color offered. The TV really has a lot of pop with HD material. We also did not note the negative background judder with HD material and this proved out with our HD HQV processor testing as well. Black levels were deep and occasionally oversaturated but not often enough to really be a strike against. Dark shadow detail was totally acceptable for a TV of this size and price range. 

Off center viewing was average on this LCD TV with the contrast and black levels fading at around 35 degrees off angle – again not bad for this price range. 

Calibration: Calibration through the menu was easy and the C350 did a nice job calibrating to near D6500K. There are advanced white balance controls included on this TV which is unusual for this price point. There are also many more advanced settings than I would have thought such as Black Tone, Dynamic Contrast, a Gamma setting, and a nifty Flesh Tone setting that will take the onscreen flesh tones from a yellowish to a pinkish appearance at your whim without changing the overall color appearance of the picture much. 

Picture settings as calibrated from the Custom Setting: 

Backlight: 8 
Contrast: 92 
Brightness: 46 
Sharpness: 10 
Color: 53 
Tint: Unchanged 
Black Tone: Dark 
Dynamic Contrast: Low 
Gamma: +1 
Color Space: Native 
White Balance- 
Rgain: 27 
Roffset: 24 
Flesh Tone: +1 
Edge Enhancement: Off 

As far as aesthetic considerations go, the LN32C350 has straightforward design and better than the other 32″ models on the market except the LG’s. You almost cant believe how light the TV is upon lifting it, a scant 15.7 pounds. The TV is 3.25″ in depth and 8″ with the stand. The included table stand is very light and inexpensive and the TV must be turned on its head and the table stand screwed on upside down to accomplish the assembly. It would be more convenient if Samsung would just include the stand already assembled on the TV, same as some other manufacturers. The table top stand does not swivel side to side. The 2″ bezel framing of the TV is gloss black and non-spectacular but does contain a sloped design element at the bottom. 

Audio Output: The two inbuilt 5 watt speakers barely get the job done. From 10 feet the user will need to keep the volume control at 75% of total capacity. The volume quality also is lacking with a tinny character and no base – but that’s about all you can expect from 5 watt speakers. 

For more plus the overall ratings see LCD TV Buying Guide. 
CheapSamsung LN32C350 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black)

Great Bedroom HDTV

I upgraded my bedroom tv to this Samsung HDTV. The picture and quality of a Samsung HDTV is outstanding. I had another brand of HDTV in there first, but with the new HD Receiver I purchased, I couldn’t get a picture on it. I moved it to another room and with the Samsung I had no problem at all. I now have 3 Samsung LCD HDTV sets in my house, Living Room 52″, bedroom 32″ and 23″ in dressing room. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases of Samsung HDTV TV Sets. 

I have had several people tell me that they have never seen a better picture on a HDTV than the ones I have.
CheapestSamsung LN32C350 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black)

Samsung 32″ LCD HDTV

No more Sonys for me. Samsung has the finest quality picture on the market. This is one fine TV.
DiscountSamsung LN32C350 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black)

Limited Inputs

The picture quality is pretty good, and it’s one of the cheapest HD sets for this size. But there is only a SHARED component/composite input so you can only have one device of either type plugged in at a time. (Composite switchboxes are easy to pick up, but good luck finding a switch box that handles both composite and component.) Since all the female plugs are in the back (none on the side, as mid and upper range TVs for easy access and switching of cables), this is very inconvenient. This set was for our son, who has both a GameCube (composite) and a PS2 (component). He just plays the PS2 and the GameCube collects dust.

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Gamecube playing in Black & White?

I thought that I would try and conect my UK Pal Gamecube to my 24″ HD LCD monitor. I connected the analogue componet cables to the ports in the monitor. However when I turned on the screen it was in blurry B&W! I sse there is a digital AV out on the Gamecube, is there some sort of digital cable that I can connect to the monitor that I can play in better colour quality? Thanks.

1> You have a pal gamecube, is the LCD also pal? because there is something called NTSC.

Anyways if u put both together, you get black and white screen or some other jolly effects, either way both must be pal or set to pal to function, you should check your lcd if it has a option in the menu, probably under video/display option, possibly country ( not langauge), if the lcd is pal or set to pal and u still have the problem… also having a dvd-recorder/vcr in the loop which may not be pal or set to pal = same problem, make sure just the lcd and gamecube are hooked directly if so. Also many products auto detect and can misdetect causing the prob, assume a non standard item eg your gamecube is NTSC and switch to it, instead of pal, again u will need to go into the option and take it of auto and put it on manually to “pal”.

2> Conections = number 1 problem for image problems, million ways tp to conect crap to ya tv’s, its a headache seriously, most quality diferences arent the conection, but the quality of the unit and etc in the loop casuing the degrade, rather then type of conection AV and up = superb, which is everything besdies RF conection.

Now most bloody LCD’s plasmas have a frig load of conection, not 1 type alone, 1 major problem is 2 types of conection use identicle sockets and sometimes confuses people, not to mention inputs/outputs may be poorly marked with indents in black plastic…bloody designers i swear, anyways, u will need to double check your conections.

Inputs = anything named “input” anything with a arrow pointing towards it rather then away from it, anything say “in” u get the idea because it makes bloody sense…most the time :P.

Colors = well u normaly ahve ya standard AV’s for ya “yellow” “red” “white” colored input/outputs, alsoways go colo to color, yellow is video, rest is audio.

more colors= “blue” “green” “red” i think, this is called your bullshit color conections, same sockets as your above, just diferent colors, they are all video sockets…ooo exciting, the all combine to prudice true colo, remove 1…u get color problem…so if u pluged ya lets say “yellow” into 1 of those by mistakes = shit picture. either way color to color again.

scart = suck balls, but u cant really screw them up, they screw up without u doing anything, bin them!

most other methods are to unique to plug in wrong, its just the ones above mentioned, if your leads your usin arent color coded, u can try switching them around, u wont kill your tv, make sure the volume is turned down incase u plug into your audio which will make a very loud buzzing noise, bad for speakers if u have volume up, remove plugs imediatly, video sockets if u get no pich, assume its audio u pluged into it then.

3> Selection = MAKE SURE U AHVE THE CIRECT INPUT SELECTED ON THE FRONT OF YA TV! yes u can get picture when slecting the wrong inputs, some inputs are multi functional ahev multifunctional settinsg in your menu’s because the designers were sooo smart…. either way double check.

4> try another bloody input with diferent leads if possible, your lcd should have more then 1 input, normally 2-3…although some models and brands are very idiotic in how they give 1 normal input and chuck in 50 bullshit inputs nobody will use except at your local sci-fi convention.

5> is your lcd a Tv lcd or a pc lcd? tv lcd, above should reactify your issues at some lvl, PC/multifunctional lcd well thats another ball game, but if it has the sockets…ud assume it work right :).

Anyways have fun, i wont bother talking about other conection, because this covers what your curently using far as i can tell :).

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