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Expansion Pak
Expansion Pak

Accelerated expansion appliance stores facing the quality and quantity proposition – Appliance stores, Konka TV – Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

Recent years, whether or computer stores

Home Appliances

Marketplace, the pace of expansion is faster. Is the pursuit of a single store or single store shop benefit amount?

States United States

The number of stores across Sichuan to 42. The first to enter the bainaohui of Chengdu in China so far has opened more than 20 stores. The considerable strength of the Bai Teng


Square created a local store is a precedent for foreign expansion, in Mianyang, Sichuan, Luzhou and other secondary cities, and Kunming, Chongqing and other major cities are the figures of Bai Teng, Bai Teng invested heavily in next year’s Shanghai store will be opened. Marketplace Is the pursuit of the number of single store or single store effective?

Zhi-Wen Chen, general manager of the Chengdu branch

bainaohui: As a nationwide chain of integrated computer stores, bainaohui a few years of fast expansion. I think the number of stores and single store benefits are important. In 2006, I went to Sichuan to do secondary market research, so far, the pace of Buynow expand shop has never stopped. Many domestic famous computer stores all wanted to come to Chengdu set point, just do not grab the right place. Sichuan Province


Significant consumer demand, the computer stores the number of stores saturated yet. Bainaohui will gradually complete the next zone in Chengdu, east, south, west and north regions of the layout, we may open two stores, three or four shop shop. For single-store quality, in addition to a good environment, preferential prices, but also close to consumer demand, allowed the purchase and sale


More convenient. Can not be ignored


This is a business, the future will Buynow websites and effective combination of physical shops to attract more consumers.

Chengdu Advertisement Promotion Department Manager, U.S. State Gang: chain stores continue to shop, is the development, is the business we must take the course. On the other hand, the quality of a single shop is also critical, at present, Gome is a major focus of the work of the quality of grasping a single shop. We will do a lot for a single store, including a number of key building


Weak stores. In addition, the country will not stop the United States steps up shop next year plans to open a number of large stores. These heavyweight big stores to appliance stores break the traditional pattern of all-round, store layout great innovation, and service facilities in major changes in services will also move closer to a department store, appliance store that no longer cold, and become comfortable, if not to buy home appliances consumers are willing to wander at any time. This large shop worth consumers look forward to!

Digital Plaza Chengdu

Bai Teng Zhu Division of Planning director: Bai Teng since the early days of the pace of expansion is not stopped, we spend huge amounts of money to build the Pak Tang Shanghai flagship store, will also soon open. For the single-shop quality, we will focus on providing consumers with a variety of value-added services, more customers to choose products to solve the queries raised. We will consider on-line businesses; for unity cashier, Digital Square, is justification; consumers concerned about product extended warranty services, we will gradually introduce. In addition, the subway opened, we will launch the first floor of the number of negative experiences in the area to attract more female consumers.


TV (Chengdu) sales, general manager Li Quanfei share this wonderful paper: Management degree is the highest state of balance between quantity and quality shop, the key to well coordinated. Quantity stores is not good, less is not good, only the best fit. Behind the rapid expansion may be a major crisis.
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Final Fantasy XI wings of the goddess expansion pak. Do i need the original game to play this game for 360????


theres the game for sale on ebay…

and heres the original game


i was j/w if i needed the original to play the expansion pak game?

Firstly; Expansion packs merely expand a game, you still need the original. Why would they sell both if you only needed the expansion.

Secondly; Don’t buy any sort of mmorpg game, or any game that has a serial code, used. If the code has already been used, then you just waisted your money, as you won’t be able to play without a serial key.

Third, don’t buy your expansions separately unless you already own everything else. The 2008 collection has the original game and all four expansions included, at a highly reduced price of buying it seperately.

Both links you have provided are for the Original 360 collection, which includes the original game and the first 3 expansions (same thing as the 2007 collection). They do not include the newest expansion. If you were to buy either, buy the one that says that they did not play the game. Unless they are lying, the serial codes will work. If they dont work, you could file the issue with ebay as the game not being described by seller, and thus worthless to you.

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