Far Cry

Far Cry
Far Cry

Lose Weight and Feel Great With a Far Infrared Sauna

Can Heavy Metals Cause You To Be Overweight?

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When your body is toxic, toxins hide and embed themselves in your body fat. This causes your cells and organs to become sluggish and lose efficiency. The more fat you have, the more toxins you can store. As your organs and body systems lose their ability to function properly, they lose their ability to metabolize and process fat effectively. This is one reason why some of you find it difficult to lose weight- your body is not functioning properly! Unfortunately we were never meant to handle this level of exposure and our systems are overwhelmed. The body is well equipped to clear toxins so detoxification is critical! We can become a victim of toxicity or we can take control and rid our bodies of this “deadly” toxin overload by using an  Infrared Sauna. With 360 Far Infrared technology you are getting the most infrared rays on the market today to pull heavy metals, toxins and provide the health benefits of loosing weight (up to 900 calories per 30 minutes!) pain relief and much more.

Far Infrared Sauna with New Carbon Heat Technology

This is the best investment you can ever make to benefit your family’s health. You will notice so many changes from soft skin to weight loss and increased energy!
Detoxification, or the removal of toxins from the body, offers numerous health advantages. “It’s cleansing your body from the inside out. Ridding your body of accumulated toxins can reduce fatigue, improve your energy levels, provide muscle pain relief, beautify your skin and
even promote weight loss. The safest and most effective way to detoxify your body is by
sweating. As you get older, you can lose your ability to sweat! That’s a sign that toxins have built up in your body. But not all types of sweat are beneficial. “Water sweat,” produced when the body is trying to cool itself, is also an indication that your body is under stress. Detoxification is accomplished through “fat sweat,” or the breaking down of fat cells, which releases toxins stored under the skin. Conventional saunas use steam and high heat to stress the body, producing water sweat. But the Sauna uses the latest technology to produce wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the body. The frequency of these wavelengths penetrates the
skin up to three inches to break down fat cells and release toxins stored in the body without placing the body under stress. Thirty minutes in a Sauna are a comfortable, soothing,
relaxing experience—no steam, no oppressive heat. Rather than feeling drained, as in a conventional sauna, you’ll feel energized. Thirty soothing minutes in a Sauna can relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. Thirty calming minutes in a Far infrared Sauna can reduce the signs of aging and beautify your skin. Thirty relaxing minutes in a Sauna can burn up to 900 calories. And thirty comfortable minutes in a Sauna can produce the same advantages for your heart as a 2-3 mile run. I have had 30-minute on-site sessions. But I am so pleased with the results of detoxification in the Far Infrared Sauna that I have one in my home. It’s an appliance for health, just like a dishwasher is an appliance for your home! You can use the Far Infrared Sauna every day to achieve maximum health benefits.
The sauna’s revolutionary Carbon Wave 360 panel technology provides the most beneficial Far Infrared heat available, which leads to a greater amount of absorption. It provides far
more total heating surface area than any other sauna. The costs less to run than a hair dryer, and unlike a conventional sauna, it will not add excessive amounts of humidity and moisture to your home.

The Sauna normally is available in four sizes to fit any home and accommodate up to five people. They are beautifully finished in natural hemlock planks; a cedar upgrade is also available. Smaller models plug into a standard household outlet; larger models require the same type of 220-volt outlet needed to power a clothes dryer. They can be assembled and ready to use in less than an hour; professional installation is also available. Standard equipment  includes chromotherapy, to provide therapeutic light and color; oxygen ionizer; AM/FM/CD player and cup holders. A DVD/LCD system can be optional.Financing is usually available, and most Far Infrared Saunas are backed by a lifetime warranty.I would like to hear other stories on health results using an far infrared sauna.

I have delt with Fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure to name a few that have seen dramatic results with using a infrared sauna and a further detox program for removing heavy metals and toxins from the fat cells. Its all deep in the fat cell and the only way to pull out toxins is through detoxification. That’s hard you say – no you can lose weight, increase your metabolism, improve your skin by a decade just by setting at YOUR convenience in your very own Far Infrared Sauna. Lose as much as you want, feel as young as you want and everyone will be asking you what your doing that you look soo great!

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About the Author

L.M.T. and business owner since 1995. Interest in health, detoxification and self empowerment.

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best bet is to get on the website and go to support. or try to look at the forum and see if anyone else has had the problem.

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