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R4 – Slot 1 card game

Before the game, "Princesa Isabel, a witch's curse" on R4, players must be drag and drop all the game files on the microSD card and then play. It is very important to the R4 series supports all micro SD cards to know the market. WiFi homebrew games are well supported by the R4 Revolution. It codes for Action Replay, which allows players to play the game without problems. Then the curse of evil in all rooms, and we pulled all levels of the castle. After a friend of the fairies, if you start at the ends and bring your family and friends of the princess Elizabeth: the curse of a witch a good hidden object game. Both Pak Rumble Pak and memory have also supported by the Revolution R4. In general, the play "Princess Elizabeth: the curse of a witch" In the R4 was a great experience.

If you do not know what an R4 card is not already: Here's a brief overview.
R4 card is a small adapter for use with a Nintendo DS, which is the same shape and size of a standard DS cartridge. A micro-SD memory card offers before inserting the R4 on the DS. This memory card can play homebrew (games created by fans or others, in particular), the media or the ROM backup sets you have (it is illegal to download and use illegal copies of games).
R4 card was issued several years ago for the Nintendo DS. Since then, the board is an update to support new technologies, with recent work on Nintendo DS R4.
Recently, R4 Gold has been published: support with the DSi, and more support for memory cards is much higher (up to 32 GB!) R4 R4 two medals Gold and the recently published work on the DSi XL (which is actually a DSi a bigger screen.)
The R4 is one of the most popular card iTouch Nintendo DS flash cards NDSLite a favorite.

The festival is an event world R4, and sent to countries in the world. If you live in America, Europe or Canada, we can make a R4 card and accessories that can be sent usually within 24 hours of the end! We use a receipt to ensure that the factor not to steal your R4: So all you have to do is sit and wait for the game!

If looking for a R4 card but do not have a microSD card: There are many packages available in our shop R4.
No need for massive storage card R4 DS, because most games are over 1 MB. If you need to store hundreds of games or files to a 4-GB memory card microSD should be more than one position, your objectives.

How will you celebrate the R4 days?
R4 is a day like any other national holiday: not only are a true national holiday to continue working. Fun, you can play are R4i Piñata (R4 animals fill a large paper map and beaten with a hammer) microSD memory card pen for Nintendo R4 and the R4 card R4 musical. You can also fill with turkey R4, then cooking and eating. But what would be crazy not to.

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