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Midi Tower Case Antec 902 and Antec TruePower 750W PSU review


Case Packaging

Antec has unveiled the 902

Performance Case

PSU Packaging

PSU and wiring of the building

Performance PSU



Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in high performance computer components and accessories for gaming, updating the PC DIY market, and maintained its leading position in the global market and international distributor of quiet, efficient and innovative. Recently, we have sent 902 cases of play and a power source 750W for testing.

We begin with the case and then move on to food.

Packing case

Clicking on an image in this review will open a larger picture and more detailed in some cases may be the only way to detect the smallest details as the front fan speed controllers.

Delivery in a robust package weight of 902 to 13.5 kg 2 kg only corresponded to the package. In Speaking of which, we are pleased to see the gentle, soft foam and polystyrene foam on the case. This provides better protection, last longer (if used later) and no discards of small particles during the making of the case.

The Antec 902 has been released

As it is a transparent window where the game is a must have for modders as a fan mounted on the side is essential for overclockers. The two side panels are held with screws and no tools necessary to add or delete them.

Looking for power connectors 4 fans fitted are obvious and we have been able to connect everyone in the chain to run a single power connector, while inserting the cable slowly. This avoids the need to connect to the motherboard and controls are the fan speed for each fan individually.

The calendar shows the nine bays wide and running the entire height of the case. The potential of the intake air is enormous and should not be bottlenecks or contribute to noise problems related to noise. You can distinguish the two small dials that control the fan speed before.

The reverse shows the bottom position mounted power supply and shield by default (remember not to use one of the motherboard if you can), the two holes for liquid cooling, and allow an external radiator to the rear machine. The expansion slot covers are reusable new category in the latter case, the arrangement of cards is necessary. There no difference where our feet, but the width Chieftec CoolerMaster is such that there never had stability problems, particularly Food weighs on the merits.

The point of view shows the feature that most excited for overclockers – I do not speak a space for i-pod or connectors useful prior, but rather the large 20cm fan that blows air only (at considerable speed and quick). The two USB connectors, external SATA port headphones and microphone jacks / are only in the right position to be helpful, but unfortunately they are not labeled or color coded. One can imagine that someone unknown at some point with PCs built to try to stick to a USB connector E-SATA and / or vice versa, even though some labels, including adhesive sheet would have been useful.

The case comes with accessories including a large 3.5 "catalyst of the square in front (for HDD and SSD) and a bunch of screws. The internal fan is removable, and given the position of the two front fans can never be necessary, unless the air more than a SLI / CrossFire setup closely. The cables are long enough connectors are provided for front and are easy to hide during assembly (In our experience of PC makers tend to be much more ordered that the case had a window – even if they are not thinking a light show of luxury).

The width of the box was sufficient to allow us to use any type of refrigerator available for platforms from Intel and AMD, and everything in place if it was clear that the placement of the game on the back and the fans high was perfect terms of components with the cooling needs it addresses.

Performance Case

Comparisons with other cases shows improvement Significant performance, even at low fan speed, undoubtedly superior to the large fan and the side intake. We suspect that temperatures of the GPU is best if we put a side fan and internal fan optional because these air flow over the slot is on the GPU.

Power Packaging

The Antec TruePower 750W New (Available at many bright colors during the operation) has also been robust, but packaged in an egg box "more traditional" type of cardboard. The goal is for SLI / CF (we had no problems with the tool Quad SLI, but the selector Antec recommends another, more powerful model).

PSU and wiring Building

Cables have more space than the power supply itself and consist of two varieties. Most are connected continuously and there are several other son entering the modular connectors (see below). This saves space in a simple, but still gives a lot of options in a fully equipped PC with multiple hard disks / SSD, dual GPU and other cards.

Unlike other blocks Antec TruePower power exhaust has a grid that occupies the rear of the power so that each component receives a breath of fresh air with no effort to push through a small opening.

The label indicates the important details of the power and the rail voltage and it is essential in our view, to understand how power is distributed (the treatment of 750W as a lump sum could cause problems if things are not carefully balanced system of high strength. It is recommended to download and read the manual on the Antec site (You can not post a direct link that the dynamics).

A closer look at the sample modular connectors for the intended uses for different tracks. It's a good idea to put these specified purposes, except as a trainee electrician has occurred. The red connectors provide Energy for installation or highly demanding SLI GPU and hard drives have connectors for SATA systems with many more readers. Cables are provided for all these uses.

Finally, the PWM fan can be seen here. This fan and all others in the case of Antec 902 are themselves and this fan is specially designed to operate at full efficiency at low speed. Simply reduce the stress of not working beyond a certain level to overcome problem PWM fans.

Performance PSU

New Antec TruePower 750W had no problem handling our tests with a blue light and just a confidence low voice. The fan was more obvious with each other in the event of arrest, but from a seated position can not be normal hearing at all, even at the maximum temperature above the noise of the CPU and the graphics card. Although not designed for Quad SLI we were able to run two Nvidia 295 SLI mode (four GPUs in all) by carefully ensuring each pair was the development of a supply rail different and have much left for the Core i7 processor and other components.


The 902 cases and Antec TruePower 750W Midi Tower new PSU, when combined, achieve new levels of performance in heat dissipation in a PC case. Our tester used the experienced last Chieftec Dragon case, but even with the full list of fans concern becomes hot during load testing. The inclusion of a the fan side and top with a large consumer looking particularly broad front (grid throughout the body), a huge amount of air moves continuously to maintain the case temperature as close as possible to the environment that we have come in a non-aluminum case. The importance of this and overclock the CPU GPU can not be underestimated. A quick search on Wiki on the thermodynamics shows that the capacity of the heat sink / fan to cool the hot components, as a processor is directly proportional to the difference between it and the case temperature. What this means that if you reduce the temperature of its cases by 5 degrees when the temperature of your CPU is reduced by a similar amount. If this lowers the temperature of the CPU can either continue to extend the lifetime of components or even overclock to exploit the additional threshold is given by a case effectively.

In Except for the absence of labeling on the front of the connector housing, we do not find the negative aspects of each of them and we Antec and will use the basic food for our test platform comes and do not hesitate to give both the products of our gold award.

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About the Author

Amar Mahmood is one of the founders of The Hardware Review ( and has over a decade of experience writing reviews for PC hardware.

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