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Covering about 55,000 km sq. The largest protected wet wilderness area in Africa. Is crossed by the Rufiji river one of the biggest river in Tanzania and its tributaries which form a network of lakes ideal for boat safaris
Selous hold the largest population of the rare species of African hunting dogs, it thought that over 1000 dogs existing in the Reserve.
There is no were in Africa you could have a good chance to sport the Hunting dogs than Selous Game reserve.
About 80,000 Elephants and 4,000 Lions are existing in in this reserve.and thousands of Giraffes,African Buffalos,and different species of Antelopes.Also
Leopards and Cheetahs are sported.

Wildlife observation and bird watching(440 catalogued species) take place in a superb natural setting.

A range of activities offered are; boat safari, foot safari, fly camping and 4x4game drive makes Selous unique to the rest

“Respect nature’s rhythm, you can be assured of close contact with the wildlife”.

Getting there
Scheduled and/or charter flights from Dar-es-salaam,Ruaha.
Road accessible year around.About 5 hours 4X4 drive via Kibiti Lindi,and 8 hours via Morogoro from Dar-es-salaam
Also 5-6 hours drive to Mikumi National Park
By TAZARA train it takes about 5 hours,and you drop at Kisaki station north of Selous Gr.[Train goes twice a week.].For more information Contact us

What to do
Game viewing by 4x4drive.
Foot safari escorted with armed ranger.
Boat safari.
Camping safari.
Village tour in Kisaki village(maasai village,bantu village and hot spring)
Best time
For predators and other big animals from June to late February

The reserve receiving two rains a season a year,the short rains fall in November and December,the long rains starts from late February to late May.
Temperature range between 18-37 degrees C,November is the hottest month and June is the coolest month.



Located just outside the Matambwe park headquarters on the western boundary of the reserve. The camp is spread out over a hillside with outstanding views of the Uluguru Mountains. The closest camp to the TAZARA railway makes this the best option if travelling to Selous by train.


The original camp consisted of 8 spacious stone cottages fully en suite and all with great views from verandahs to the Uluguru Mountains.

Then 2 tented bandas elevated on stilts also overlooking the Ulugurus were added slightly apart from the cottages. These are also spacious with huge bathrooms and verandahs.

Finally 2 luxury honeymoon tented bandas also raised on stilts were built on the other side of the main hill overlooking a valley and the Beho Beho Hills. With outdoor shower and private plunge pool they represent arguably the best value accommodation in Selous.


There are two main restaurant and bar areas, one lower down the hill near the stone cottages and one at the top of the hill next to the swimming pool.

A tree house overlooks a small waterhole on the west side of the park.


The camp is located just outside the reserve so it is best to decide on and book the safari options at the camp. Early morning and afternoon half day game drives., a full day excursion including a boat safari at Lake Tagalala., walking safaris.


Good value for money and very hospitable staff make this a very personalised stay. Unpretentious and the only lodge in Selous that directly benefits the local communities surrounding the reserve through your visit, $5p.p./night goes directly to the community.

The fun train journey from Dar passes through Selous making Sable a good accommodation choice in it’s own right or as a combination stay with other more expensive lodges inside the reserve.


The camp is set in a great location amidst Borassus aethiopum palms and Tamarind trees overlooking the Rufiji river. Inside the reserve.


Just 6 luxury tents raised on platforms with private balcony overlooking the Rufiji River. All tents are fully en suite and furnished in period style.


There is a large and comfortable thatched low-slung central dining building and bar with wide open verandahs overlooking the river.

Nearby there is a sheltered, good sized swimming pool.


Early morning and afternoon game drives, boat safari on the Rufiji River and walking safaris, as well as fishing


Superb location, tents are slightly on the small side but have great views of wildlife from the verandah.


The camp is situated in its own forest reserve on the banks of the Rufiji River, just outside the eastern Mtemere gate of Selous Game Reserve.


There are eleven tents mostly built on wooden platforms, mosquito & insect proof, with en- suite bathrooms, and a verandah. Nine of the tents overlook the Rufiji River. One looks at a dried out waterhole at the rear of the camp.


The Restaurant and Bar are situated under a palm leave thatched roof around a Mahogany tree, facing the Rufiji River. There is also an additional sundown area and Bar. A resident troop of black and white colobus monkeys frolic around the bar area.

A viewing tower overlooks a seasonal waterhole.


Game viewing in 4wd vehicles, walking safaris and a boat safari on the Rufiji River. Cultural trips to the local villages surrounding the Selous Game Reserve can also be arranged.


This represents the cheapest tented camp/lodge option for visiting Selous and is basic but good value. The camp doesn’t pretend to be anything that its not and if you are willing to forego some comforts to be able to visit Selous then this is the best base to do it from cheaply.


The longest established and largest camp in Selous is located just next to the Mtemere gate on the banks of the Rufiji River.Inside the reserve.


Twenty tents are laid out along the river bank, with panoramic views of the sunset and the river from a private seated area. The tents are basic but comfortable with twin beds and ensuite toilet and shower.


A recent development is the shaded swimming pool, and there is a central library and mess area


Early morning and late afternoon game drives, walking safaris and a boat safari on the Rufiji River.


A functional camp with a fantastic location and always the chance to spot hippo from your tent. Good value in the medium budget range but none of the fancy extras which can pump up the costs in some camps.


This new lodge is situated at the Rufiji River, some 20 minutes from the park border of the Selous Game Reserve, and 30 minutes from Mtemere airstrip.

Selous Big 5 Lodge has 4 bandas (huts) and a family bungalow, with hot an cold water, proper showers and toilets, double bed with mosquito nettings and a wardrobe. All bungalows are overlooking the majestic Rufiji River, with its abundance of birds, and sometimes you can spot hippos and even crodiles directly from the lodge!

The lodges organises Boat Safaris on the Rufiji River, Walking Safaris, cultural village tours and game drives in the Selous Game Reserve. Of course also airport transfers (Mtemere), so that it’s perfect for fly-in Safaris, from either Zanzibar or Dar, or even Arusha, to combine it with a visit of the northern parks of Tanzania.


The new Jimbiza Lodge is located at the river banks of the Rufiji River, near the village of Mloka, just outside the Selous Game Reserve, Mtemere Gate. It’s nicely built, and definitely can compete with the fancy lodges inside the game reserve.

Jimbiza Lodge Selous provide 5 spacious walk in tents, and 10 bungalows. All accommodations have ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold showers, mosquito nettings and a large terrace overlooking the river.

The view of the Rufiji River are fabulous! On a unique boat Safari you can see lots of hippos, crocodiles, and lots of different bird species. There are also many different indigenous tree species found in this area.


There is a restaurant direct on the river banks, and a separate bar and lounge. furthermore the lodge has a small swimming pool, where you can cool off during the day, if you decide not to do any of the below activities.


game drives

walking Safaris

cultural village tours

night game drives

boat Safari on the Rufiji River

Bird watching Safaris


Beho Beho Camp

Located in the western region of Selous on the plains looking out towards Lake Tagalala, this is one of the few camps NOT situated on the Rufiji river. However the panoramic views and procession of wildlife do not make this a problem.


Recently renovated after years of neglect the 8 stone cottages are very spacious and well furnished to the point of excess. The cottages are open faced and have their own telescopes for game viewing from comfortable chairs inside the cottage.

The open air showers are superbly constructed from local stone and wood and the general feel which makes Beho Beho different from other camps is this is more like a small cottage than a room to sleep in.


The huge central dining area and bar is furnished along the lines of an old hunting lodge complete with a full sized billiards table, deep leather chairs and Persian rugs. Meals can be taken from the main table, one of the several lookout posts in the main building or under the stars.

A small swimming pool is located near the central building and a waterhole attracts animals throughout the day.


Game drives, expertly guided walking safaris and boat safaris on Lake Tagalala. The walking safaris particularly in this region are to be recommended.


The camp has been very well renovated and is in a scenic location. The somewhat over the top extravagance is reminiscent of a traditional colonial hunting lodge. Management and guiding staff has a very strong Zimbabwean and South African influence.


A luxury tented camp located on the banks of the Rufiji River. The camp has recently been redesigned and is now separated into two discreet areas, each with its own sitting and dining area, and its own swimming pool.

One of the two areas is available for small groups on an exclusively private basis.


13 vast luxury tents raised onto wooden platforms with palm canopies & views

Tents designed with widest side to front, to maximize views and breeze

6ft wide double beds with bedside tables & lamps

Ceiling fans and 240v lighting

En suite bathrooms with double brass basins, cupboard space and dressing area

Adjoining shower area open to the skies

Two verandas- one to front off the bedroom, second off rear of tent

Laundry services available


One mess area is elevated onto tall platforms and the other is set amongst a grove of trees, both with large comfortable sofas, and wildlife reference library

Table d’hote dining makes the most of African influences and local fresh fruit, vegetables & spices

The swimming pools are set in shade with day beds and towels


– Game drives in open 4-wheel drive vehicles

– River safaris in boats with outboard motors

– Walking safaris

– Fishing

– Mobile bush camping in pristine surroundings (pre-booking essential)


Slight pretensions of grandeur are easily forgotten by the quality of the stunning surroundings, imaginative accommodation, expertly guided safaris and overall service.

For more detail email us;


About the Author

Otto began his experience with wildlife when he was a young boy. He was born in a small village in the southern Selous Game Reserve buffer zones. He received his primary and secondary education in his village and then began working in Selous with a safari company. He later decided to train in Arusha where he received his advanced certificate in wildlife and tourism.

He regularly works in many Tanzanian national parks & game reserves such as Selous, Mikumi, Ruaha, Udzungwa and Saadani. He has seven years experience working as a safari guide in the African wilderness and brings his passion, knowledge and expertise to every safari experience

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