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Xbox Review – Splinter Cell Conviction

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction for Xbox 360 game is the fifth version of Ubisoft in the Splinter Cell series. Although originally announced in May 2007, delays in development and re-pushed its launch until April 16, 2010. Is brought some welcome features and additions to this popular series of games, including improved gameplay, multiplayer modes improved.

Whatever view the demo was released in March 2010 called for improvements that had the game back to the drawing board "were well worth the wait.

The game comes three years after the events in Splinter Cell: Double Agent with the former Navy SEAL Victor cost detained for interviewed by an anonymous group of men in an institution Black Arrow. Sam Fisher, also known as "the man" sentence, returns to the scene after years away from the pursuit of clues to the murder of his daughter.

After having been used and tossed aside by the government of his country, should contribute to a corrupt government to save the nation from a faceless enemy against his will. It must, however, agree to be forced to return to their duties, whether to always find the key to the death of his daughter.

This latest Splinter Cell introduces a variety new features. It's "Mark and Run" feature allows players to score goals specific to the destruction in case of break through doors and windows. The objectives can be prioritized so that some enemies may be distracted or disabled while another first objective point of disposal.

Another new feature, 'Last' known position, allows the player to flank their enemies by creating of a visual overview of where an alert guard last time I saw him. Other new features allow the player to be taken hostage and even allow players to use nearby objects to help "influence" of interrogation.

Environment plays a key role in this game several objectives of the mission design and layout of the key points in the walls so that the player is immersed in the game, even for the stories.

Mode includes a multi-link split screen with co-op online. Another interesting feature is the multiplayer mode Ops "questionable" mode, which sports four modes, Hunter, infiltration, Last Stand and Face-Off, where players can fight against the computer Within AI.

A major objective Ubisoft, with the sentence of release was to make the game more accessible, since the last version chaos theory, but putting all the most hardcore players. Hopefully these new features and improved gameplay that will change for the better.

Global Splinter Cell: Conviction has received good reviews all criticism great game, with better reviews out of the Escapist (May 5), Game Pro (May 5), IGN (9.3 out of 10), Game Informer (September 10) and GameTrailers (8.9 10). Edge Magazine, GamesRadar, GameSpot, and everything got 8 out of 10.

The main criticism given the length was the short game, minimum stealth and lack of alertness in the narrative scenes examination. In general, however, Splinter cell is likely to encounter.

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