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Development Course of Video Games

I. Video games

Electronic games, also known as video games, is one entertaining way that people play games through electronic devices such as computers, game consoles and so on.

Electronic games include computer games, video games, Arcade games and handheld game.

During the formation and development of electronic games, the category of gaming software is always accompanied with it. Many electronic games originated from the traditional ones, in which the plate games played a great role on the development and generation of electronic games.

Many people believe that electronic game is not only for entertainment, but also a cultural phenomenon. Someone think it as an art, still others insist that it has an negative affect on society, particularly being harmful to physical and mental health of young people.

Family Console

Family Console is the most common gaming platform. Atari 2600 is recognized as the first most successful commercialized platform designed specifically for this game. It consists of a mainframe, a separate controller, replaceable game cartridge. The following Nintendo’s FC is continuation of this structure. The original Atari 2600 picture is very concise, its mainframe memory is less than 4k, but the development of such a platform has continued so far, computing performance has been far better than the original and toward the development with more realistic picture. And it is not just the single game console on the latest XBOX360 and PS3, but hope to become a multimedia entertainment center of a living room, including games, video, photos, music, Internet and so on.

Popular home mainframe: Famicom, Super Famicom, Sega MegaDrive, PC-Engine, Nintendo 64, SEGA Saturn, PlayStation series of Sony, Dreamcast, Gamecube  and XBOX series of Microsoft

Handheld console

Since the late 1980s, handheld console has become personal mobilization in use. The electronic components become a trend. The primitive handheld console called GAME & WATCH, which can not replace the game because his software is ROM completely burned in the machine board. The first handheld console to replace the game is in 1979, but the first most successful commercialized handheld console is still the first generation of Game Boy developed by Nintendo.

Common Handhelds: Game Boy series, PlayStation Portable(also called PSP, Nintendo DS.


Arcade is the commercial game consoles popular in streets, and is distinguished with personal computers and home consoles as the name. For more information, please refer to Arcade

Famous machine plates: Capcom CPS-1and CPS-2, SNK Neo-Geo, Model series of Sega and Naomi series, also other company producing machine plates are Namco, ATARI, Konami, Irem, Midway and so on.

Personal Computer

As to personal computer game platform, please refer to computer games

II. Introduction of Famicom

Nintendo Family Computer or FC

Sold in July of 1983, NES is FC’s name of European version
Company: Nintendo, selling time:1983
Classic games: Super Mario Bros, Bee Movie, Contra, Street Fighter, Battle City, a ninja, DOUBLE DRAGON,  Salamander, Mega Man, BOMBER MAN, Wisp, Maple story, Latale, Crows Zero, Circus

Many video games players began from playing FC, at that time, Nintendo FC were the most popular. Japanese FC is different from that of American. Those we played before is Japanese, but for American one, which is like video recorder, even the software and media differ from others. Cassettes of American is a box of video tape, even the game differs, which is caused just by two different companies, most are alike. Now most games we can see online are American version, because most simulators were made in there.

Up until Nintendo officially announced the termination of FC in January 1996, the sales volume had been more than 60 million all over the world, of which 18 million is in Japan, if counting the pirated or compatibles, the number is even more alarming. Now the company has stopped its maintenance of FC.

FC has created a market of the third-generation home video game console and has a tremendous impact on people’s life especially on youth people.

III. Mobile games
Mobile games features
As an application procedure running in hand-held device, hardware determines mobile phones features.

Advantages of mobile phone devices

1.Gigantic potential user group
Users of mobile phones in the world have been more than 1 billion, and the number is increasing every day. Except for the United States, the mobile phones in use are greater than computers in any other developed countries. Potential market of mobile phone games is larger than any other platform, such as PlayStation and GameBoy.

2. Portable
In the era of games console, one of the reasons of selling well is portability, people can enjoy their interesting games anywhere and anytime. Compared with games console or PC, mobile phones can be carried with themselves, therefore, phone games will be likely the priority for people’s recreation.

3. Network support
Because the phone is part of network equipment, multiplayer online can be achieved under certain limited factors.

The phone hardware has obviously surpassed computers several tears ago. Even the memory capacity of some phone can be up to 1G., also its function can be compared with palmtop computer,it follows from that the mobile phone is the qualified carrier of games, especially the coming of 3G times. The speed will keep balance with that of internet.

The only defect is that the screen is too small and the keyboard is not convenient to operate, but only grasping the developing train of thought and developing the games in accordance with small screens and simple operation, can the problem be solved easily.

IV. Sony


PlayStation (abbreviated: PS), is Japan’s home video game console of Sony, sold by SCEI on December 3, 1994, at that time, competitors of PlayStation also included Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 and so on. Through striving for the third-party manufacturers’ strategic, finally PlayStation got a victory with the absolute advantage in the aspect of software number. PS1 is the miniaturized game console of PlayStation, expanded by Japan in the September 14, 2000. On the basis of PlayStation, transformations such as the external power supply make the main volume 1 / 3 that of the original. Sony has ever sold components called Mobile Power One, which can provide a half to three hours of power for the mainframe of PS1, so Ps1 can be used completely as handhelds.


This mainframe is so popular that it brings about the saying of PlayStation generation one. Until May 5, 2004, Sony had launched 1000million of Playstation and PS1 mainframe. Up until September, 2006, Sony sold 79.02 million, including 9610million sets of games. Logo of PlayStation is designed by Manabu Sakamoto, also invent the logo of Sony VAIO.

In season

As one of the longest lived products in video games industry, PlayStation kept pop for 11 years. On March 23, 2006, Sony officially announced that they stopped producing all types of PlayStation.


In fact, the first new version was the revision in early 1996. Sony didn’t change its appearance and technical indicators, but the abolished Japanese RCA interface on the left.

In September 2000, Sony released a redesigned smaller host, called PS1. The original Playstation in Japan was called “PS” but “PSX” according to the using code during the development in the United States, and called PSX when Sony released PS2 system in Japan.

Hardware features

The greatest advantage of PS is its superior image processing capability, its running speeds is as high as 30MIPS (millions of times / second) and 36 million of times of multilateral line calculus in a second with added dedicated 3D processor, The 3D chip that PS using is the standard advanced type used specially by graphics workstations, it is also one of the hosts with strongest graphics function in the second time of machine war. At that time, what can only match with the PS is the workstation-class advanced computer


Company introduction

Predecessor of Nintendo was established in September 23, 1889. In 1963, it changed its name to Nintendo Co, Ltd., the business is turning from a kind of Japanese hand-made flower cards to electronic products. After that, the influential Nintendo Famicom game console became the world’s largest video game company quickly, the following coming of host like Super Famicom, N64, GameCube, made Nintendo a harder position in the industry of video game until today.

Nintendo is the video game platform company with the longest history, and the most influential and well-known manufacturer of gaming platform, is also the leader of portable gaming platform. They started to develop in Japan in 1983, later in different areas, has created many notabilities, such as Mario, Profile Data, and the most classic games such as the Legend of Zelda, pokemon. Game consoles and gaming software sold by Nintendo includes Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy series.

Classics and process of development

In 1970’s, the U.S. Atari company created a high-tech computer gaming industry. Coincidentally, Japanese Nintendo Company, a franchise of computer gaming console put FC into market in the early 1980s, which also set off a storm of protest. Nintendo, the small Japanese Corporation with staff of less than one thousand, but obstinately left international well-known big companies behind like Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony. In 1993, the per-capita earning profits is $ 800,000; its pre-tax profits in 1994 ranked the second during listed companies of Japan, only followed by Toyota.

The hidden strength of Nintendo FC gaming consoles to win was that they announced its only function of its FC was playing games without any other functions.

Super Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese youth was born of painter, whose favorite is cartoon movie but didn’t know computer technology well, was later dispatched to the engineering department to help with designing games. There he designed his fist famous game, of which the hero was Mario.
“Mario” was officially named “Super Mario Brothers” for the software, set off to the United States following FC game console, there immediately became the most popular computer games. It launched totally eight generations from 1985 to 1991 with the sales volume up to 70 million units.


When “Super Mario” spread crazily to the world, Paqi Ivanov, a youth of the former Soviet Union was indulged in computer games. He happened to read an intelligence test written by American mathematician, in which there was a puzzle quiz that asking readers to choose some from irregular blocks to piece into a square, so as to test the geometric thinking ability.

Considering more than thousands of geometric arrangement, Paqi Ivanov thought it was better to depend on a computer. After much pondering, he designed a puzzle game played on computer. The game seemed very simple with little innovation in the technical aspects, but it had a strong attraction.

Paqi Nove named his “invention” as “Tetris”, which in Greek stands for “four” that is “Tetris” game sweeping through the world in future. As “Tetris” became international, Nintendo just put forward hand-model GB computer console, which was “GameBoy”, undoubtedly, “Tetris” was naturally the best partner of GB console. So Hiroshi Yamauchi sent off the best excellent delegate towards Moscow, and bought the patent rights from the institute where Hiroshi Yamauchi worked.  “Tetris” following Nintendo spread towards all over the world, since then, Nintendo had been dominated the global computer gaming industry for 10 years.

VI. Classic games summary

The full name of “Super Mario”, “Super Mario Brothers”, the famous pass horizontal game produced by Nintendo, was first introduced in FC, also there were many kinds of successive games. So far, the total sales of many versions have broken through more than 40 million units. The leading roles including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Prince Mushroom, etc., has become Nintendo’s characteristic character, sometimes the protagonist is also known as Super No.1 Mario.

Mario, Super Mary of FC has been the interesting talk of people’s leisure time so far.

No.2 PSP Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a highly thought of work of CAPCOM company. Players in “Monster Hunter” game need to keep the job done to get money, equipment and a variety of material.

As to operation, the attack is achieved by the right-hand joystick, struggling in the beginning, but will feel easy after master. It features L1 changing perspective with clear and bright screen and smooth process. The game supports stereoscopic surrounding sound effect, many scenes uses the real recording, perfectly showing the characteristics of various scenes. In the game, natural music are used as the theme, better reflecting rugged features of Monster Hunter.
This kind of game is very durable, still the defect is that frequency changing scene will decrease the smooth of games.

No.3 GBA Memory of the farm

The series games appeared in almost every host,in the games, you can earn money by raising animal, planting crops, fishing and digging a mine, and so on.

No.4 Final Fantasy

With respect to “final fantasy”, maybe the most familiar to people is FF7, which is also the favorite of many players today, but the most interesting plot of games is FF6, in addition, the ones of strategy versions are quite excellent.

No.5 Pokemon

Firstly, let’s make a list of orthodox works through the ages, such as red, yellow, blue, green GB, silver and golden crystal, fire red and leaf green. There are so many DS that Nintendo handhelds are everywhere. Pokemon can be seen as its brand, and all sells well. The gaming features have always continued original way, though the modes don’t change, they become richer on base of the original. The number of PM increased from 151 to 251, then 386 to current 493. Of cause, each has its own feature. As time passed, Pokemon games are also becoming popular substantially.

About the Author

Electronic games, also known as video games, is one entertaining way that people play games through electronic devices such as computers, game consoles and so on.

Electronic games include computer games, video games, Arcade games and handheld game.

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