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How to use Game Copy Wizard

Creates backup game discs games for the following consoles:

Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, PC, Dreamcast.


The software program may be applied on on any PC or Mac, it can be compatible with all versions of Windows, as well as with Mac based Operative systems.


There is nothing extra necessary to make use of the software program all that is required is your gaming compatible DVD reader/writer (in case of PS3 disks, you will will need a Blu-Ray disk reader unless you might have an emulator).


There are several systems supported by the Easy Backup Wizard software program which includes All PC Applications, Video Games, Movies, Plus the following gaming consoles are supported also: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Gamecube, and Nintendo Wii.


The pros


Game Copy Wizard is extremely straightforward and everyone must be able to use it. The procedure is quite basic, as well as an individual with no technical encounter should be capable of use it with no problems. There’s a video tutorial of the entire approach.


The Cons


The cost of the software program is quite high compared to some other people available. Even so the ease of use makes it worth the extra cost plus appropriate now there is a discount obtainable that brings the cost in line with other software available on the market at only $30


Should you search for it you’ll be able to uncover backup game software program for no cost. Nonetheless, you could desire to take precautions simply because most of it can be full of malware, trojans and spyware. The cost of having this stuff removed from your pc will likely be higher than when you had just purchased Game Copy Wizard in the initial location. Not to mention it really is likely significantly far more complicated to use and most of it does not come with superior directions.


Inside the finish you get what you pay for or do not pay for in most circumstances.


Would you like to be burning video games in your PC inside the next hour? With game copy wizard it is possible to make ideal clone copies of all of your preferred video games ideal onto cd or dvd. Game copy wizard is 100% legal so you wont have a trouble if you’re making use of the game with an Xbox live membership. It really is so nice to create backup copies of all my video games just in case I harm or scratch the original disc. I hated wasting much more than $50 mainly because I damaged a video game to the point it could not be played any longer. Game copy wizard is 100% legal and the cost to acquire the software program is less costly than 1 single video game so it really is worth the investment to backup all of the games.


Here are several factors why make sure you copy or backup your video games making use of game copy wizard:


  • Maintain original games in mint situation for a trade-in or sale
  • Share the copied games with all of one’s pals and loved ones
  • If you borrow games from buddies and family make yourself a copy
  • Defend games from damages or misplacements
  • These are all the advantages of Game Copy Wizard:
  • No additional hardware
  • Copies games from all main consoles
  • Games are 100% playable
  • You copy all games to cds and dvds
  • Copy all protected or “unbreakable” games


You may in no way void any warranties when using game copy wizard


Systems which are offered for copying games:


  • Wii
  • PS3
  • PS2
  • Playstation1
  • XBox
  • Xbox 360
  • Dreamcast
  • GameCube
  • PC Games


Game copy wizard consistently updates free of charge of charge when a brand new program hits the market


Should you have been thinking of a option to copy all of one’s video games onto blank cd or DVD look no additional than game copy wizard. Game copy wizard gives a very thorough copy of each and every game to make certain you will find no flaws. Quite a few competing programs will make copies of games which might be at some points barely playable. Game copy wizards computer software also will by no means tamper with an existing Xbox live membership as some programs will. When you have a video game collection than it makes probably the most sense to have it backed up. Every time you’ve to get rid of a video game because of scratches does not that hurt? With game copy wizards computer software priced nicely below the price of one video game it really is more than worth it.



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Maybe not, depending on if you are put movies from your computer. I use a 1 GB. The games are the only thing that use memory. It also depends on the amount of games you have if you have like 8 games i would get a 2 GB. If you have like 15 games you should get a 4 GB.

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