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Putting Together Great Gaming Motherboards

Gamers know that when it comes down to it – the motherboard is king. Gaming motherboards are the bread and butter of the overall capabilities of your system. After all, if your computer isn’t up to par, how can you be expected to effectively play the game? There are lots of different levels of gamers – some are brand new to it and others have been dedicated gamers for decades. It doesn’t matter how long you have been playing or how much experience you have under your belt, the real source of your power and success at gaming is having the right laptop or desktop at your fingertips.

There are plenty of them out there; companies who promise the moon and stars. However, when you get them, it just turns out that they are lacking in the features that you need. There are definitely some aspects you should look for when looking for good gaming motherboards. Regardless of the price range you are shopping, you can find some high quality boards that will help you get where you want to be in your gaming experience.

You can also find the best results in making a gaming system of your own. Many times when you purchase a computer that claims to be enhanced and accelerated for gaming, you are really not dealing with much more than a dual processor that can get you online quickly. That is not completely a bad thing to include. But you must know that there are many other features and items that won’t come standard on a pre-assembled model that you will need to add on later.

The most important of which is the motherboard, which is the part that contains the processor, which is what controls your computer’s speed. In a nutshell, the motherboard is what controls every single important function on your computer. All roads lead to your motherboard.

The CPU or central processing unit is the most important part of your motherboard and you should purchase the best one that your spending dollars can buy. Another vital part of your gaming motherboard is the memory and the drive format. In order to have full range of functionality, you should be looking for DDR SDRAM or RDRAM, with one gig or more onboard so that you can really control the game and enjoy it the way it should be.

When you are purchasing some or all of the components to your new gaming machine, you should make sure that all parts work together. Next on the list of importance is choosing the format type for your drive. SATA and ATA drive formats are the ones you should find for your board.

You will also need to be sure to purchase a gaming motherboard that has enough USB ports and PCI slots to accommodate your needs. Your system cards depend on the number of PCI slots you have, so you can get Internet connectivity and a new sound card, not to mention the video card. Multiple USB ports also come in handy so you will have the ability to plug in all of your various controllers into the system.

Flexibility is key when it comes to building great gaming motherboards. Make sure your video card is the best it can be, so also allocate a lot of your funds to this particular component. You can even consult your gaming friends to see what their specifications are, which is a good start for finding your own components. This will give you great insight as to what to put together in your machine so that you can play all of your favorite games online and offline.

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There are more review articles and knowledge regarding gaming pc cases and gaming motherboards at my website. I am going to even let you in on a little secret: The place to get them cheaper than everywhere else on the net 😉 Many thanks for viewing, and enjoy!

I designed and created a new and great board game?

The game that I created is great I followed all the computer and book advice designed it; had friends play it and they loved it; also I finished the rules. I looked online and typed the name of the game to see if it has been patented and it was not. Now I need to know what to do next? I have no money just a great idea. Could anyone please help with this?

The first thing you need to do is ignore the uneducated people that tell you to obtain a patent on your game design. Nobody is out to steal your game design and a patent would be nothing but an expensive waste of time and money. Also, don’t expect to be able to quit your day job or make gobs of money with your new game design. It’s not going to happen.

Your design will need a lot of “blind” playtesting by people who are not your friends, do not know you, and will be able to provide you with honest and critical feedback. You will likely need to gather a co-developer to help bounce ideas off when you find out that your design is not as perfect as you thought it was.

Do not worry about sending your new game off to Hasbro or any other major board game publisher. They will reject your design without even looking at it since they do NOT solicit outside designs from unknown game designers. Your likely path is a small run of self-published games followed by offering the design to a smaller publisher after you have evidenced some level of marketability.

You will find MUCH better answers than the ignorant babbling here if you register at and join the Board Game Designers Forum located at:

BGDF is a community of game designers (some successfully published, some not) that is very friendly and willing to offer helpful suggestions for all stages of game development from prototype design up through marketing and sales. Registration is FREE and the advice you will get there is sound and intelligent.

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