Japan Import

Japan Import

Limited production of rice in Japan with Japanese food imports new? County Agricultural interview

Planting structure adjustment, economic restructuring in rural areas an important part of how exactly tune? Increase, tuning, tune the quality and efficiency, as the goal is very clear. But as a prerequisite to face the international and domestic markets, which is, after China’s accession to WTO as a necessary requirement. The effectiveness of soy in our province in 2002 were higher, which depends not only on domestic demand conditions, but also on the amount of global soybean production cuts.

Rice is headed Japan’s largest species, the rice production technology, the quality of rice are the best in the world. However, Japan implemented to reduce rice cultivation area of rice production-limiting policies, has been going on for 30 years. Despite Japan’s original intention of this adjustment of planting structure and purpose, and we may be completely different, however, economic integration in the world today, to learn more about the situation of some of our neighbors, we will add some more opportunities.

Japan imports 60% of the food needed is a food importing country absolutely. Particularly vegetables, fruits and other daily consumption of food on a great reliance on foreign markets, such as mine which is rich and rich labor resources, traditional vegetable production and management opportunities for countries.

In the new? Hear a word, the world’s best rice in Japan, Japan’s best rice in the new?, New? The best rice in the fish marsh.

However, this is the best rice, are being implemented in limited production.

New? County Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Policy Division chief of the General Secretary said that Miyamoto is new? Is Japan’s large agricultural county, the backbone of agricultural products are rice, agricultural produce accounted for 60%? 65%, accounting for 25 Japanese rice production %, the total production of home in Japan. Control of the rice growing area and production has been carried out for 30 years, the new? County in 1998 has been reduced by 40,000 hectares of rice growing area, this 40,000 ha is mainly guided by the state, soybeans, buckwheat, vegetables, fruits, flowers and so on.

New? Angeles County deputy governor spring and Zhao said that due to structural changes in food, consumption of rice per person per year in Japan the volume of declining, there overproduction of rice. In order to maintain the price of rice to protect farmers interests, national restrictions on rice production, and introduced the relevant industrial policies.

According to a statistics, the 1998 Japanese eat rice and 179 grams per person per day, more than 360 390 g before the war, fell by half, mainly food products have become rich diet appears Europeanization tendencies. Reduction in consumption, resulting in a relative surplus of rice production. Japan’s protectionist policies in agriculture, but also caused the extraordinarily high prices of agricultural products. The price of rice is 10 times the international similar products, there can not export. Limited production of rice has become an inevitable choice.

Are planned each year to adjust the acreage of rice last year, new? County completed a planned 98%. But the planting structure adjustment, there is no mandatory, entirely through the policy interests of the guidance, mainly state subsidies to farmers, the basic benefit is 40,000 yen per 0.1 ha. State planning the implementation of limited production of rice farmers in their purchase of machinery equipment, to provide interest-free loan. Miyata Masato Shiozawa town is the largest farming households, he said, not the state’s limited production policy, replacing mechanical equipment, there is no interest-free loans, dare not execute.

Interview, a topic often talked about Japan’s food imports and China’s food exports. Japan’s agricultural gross domestic product accounts for only 2.7% of the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits have great food on the foreign market dependence, vegetables products in China one of the major exporting countries, of which Japan imports 99% of spinach to from China.

Sato quasi-two are new? Daily agricultural experts, in that we can together explore the Japanese agriculture, said that China’s vegetable, not only in price advantage, but from China to Japan in the transport and vegetable preservation also has advantages . However, mothers in Japan, more attention to food safety, price is secondary to the safety of the second choice, which is the general mentality of the Japanese people. Sato said, if we can fundamentally solve the issue of pesticide residues in vegetables, China is likely to monopolize the import of vegetables to Japan.

The issue of national experts believe that Japan’s vegetable production is not only costly but also willing to engage in heavy manual work fewer and fewer people, while the WTO has on the government’s financial subsidies are many restrictions (Japan now come up with substantial funds each year financial subsidy on vegetable production), and further transfer market is inevitable, this is an opportunity. Some of China’s agricultural products competitive in price, but in the non-price factors (including quality, safety, packaging, etc.), but lack of competitiveness.
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