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Kong Classics

Trip to Hong Kong – Rstaurant romantic world city of Asia

With its chaotic jungle of neon signs, ugly high-rise residential and the growing problem of pollution from neighboring China, Hong Kong is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a romantic destination … No. But the mountainous terrain of the city and its panoramic view of world renown, has established a perfect setting for some of the most Romantic Asia.

This article will guide you through 10 restaurants and nightclubs in Hong Kong are likely to melt the heart of her lover.

  • Aqua Spirit From his perch on the 30th floor of a tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, this contemporary bar offers some of the best views you can get a Kowloon side. With its chic and quite comfortable, is one of the best places in Tsim Sha Tsui for a sunset cocktail or a drink after dinner.
  • Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel located in the elegant Four Seasons, Caprice Fine French cuisine with a lighter touch, in a wonderful … Beautiful decor, contemporary classical music, beautiful views of the harbor, the parameters of table and an open kitchen that allows the kitchen to flow appetizing aromas the dining room, setting the stage for a memorable romantic dinner.
  • Chesa Chesa can not provide views of some of wearing their counterparts, but what it lacks in views, it is in the delicious food and a charming and comfortable. Specializing in Switzerland and Europe central kitchen, the restaurant has a romantic European, with lots of wood and an elegant table … Fondue cheese, Swiss chocolate desserts and a decent selection of wines make it a popular destination for couples in love.
  • One – Thirty-one located on the shores of Hong Kong's most picturesque coves and romantic, this charming restaurant has a rustic French house town, with wooden beams, polished wood and large windows through which you can admire the view over the mountains, the bay surrounded.
  • Restaurant Petrus Located on Floor 56, The Island Shangri-La Hotel in Wanchai, this ultra-chic restaurant in the French set the tone for a dinner Romantic very well in Hong Kong. Breathtaking view port and a richly decorated with chandeliers and glamorize the table, create the framework for an experiment unforgettable dinner, dominated by classic French cuisine and some of the best wines in the world.
  • Located Gaddi the famous Peninsula Hotel, is another Hong Kong Gaddi culinary icon, and although it offers a panoramic view or a beautiful outdoor terrace has a beautiful decoration luxurious interior and helps set the mood So, this romantic French restaurant is known.
  • The "Terrace" in Sevva Located in the penthouse Prince Building, Central, Sevva is a stylish, contemporary restaurant and lounge with a beautiful terrace outdoors where you can relax in a comfortable couch and enjoy the sunset against the beautiful backdrop of Victoria Harbour. There is also a excellent place to watch the "Symphony of Lights" show from …
  • Tuscany by H of H Toscana serves Tuscan, with a slight modern twist in a refined and elegant, which is in contrast to the bustle around Lan Kwai Fong … Created Hong Kong celebrity chef Harlan Goldstein, the restaurant uses top quality Italian ingredients to produce excellent culinary creations.
  • The Terrace Restaurant – Repulse Bay Hotel located opposite the island on the southern coast of Hong Kong, this outstanding restaurant revives the charm elegance and colonial … Beautiful mountain views, waiters in tuxedo, crisp white tablecloths, candles on tables and particularly European-French fantastic food … Who can ask for more?
  • This small restaurant on Brown is a private kitchen secrets best kept Wanchai. Grounded in a building of 12 ordinary commercial, you can not really know anything about The Brown until the door is opened and came in a little classical piece of France right in the center of one of the most popular in Hong Kong, lace curtains districts … Well, antiques, furniture and bric-heavy Paris set the tone in this little restaurant and create the ideal environment for a sensational dinner French of snails, foie gras, confit de canard and other favorites.

About the Author

To know more about Hong Kong, including recommended restaurants and nightspots, shopping tips, hotel recommendations and some great suggestions for do-it-yourself trips, visit the Hong Kong Travel Guide at Metropolasia.com – The ultimate online-guide for travel, dining and lifestyle in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Roni Shwartz is a certified travel consultant and an expert to the cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. He writes for http://www.metropolasia.com/

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