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Why Dating a Short Man is Fun

Every woman dreams of one day one time meeting the man of her dreams. She visualizes how this dream man would look like. Her expectations are high. Do not be surprised because this vision is usually universal. Every woman dreams of meeting her knight in shining amour. The female species of this beautiful planet have similar expectations; the charming gentleman must be tall and handsome. When were this expectations compromised until a lady of good stature started dating a short man.

The world spites a vertically challenged brother and he is chided many times because of his height. A short man is victimized through stereotyping; the community believes that a short man believes that the world is against him because of his height. He believes he looked down upon and scorned. This belief has made the vertically challenged brother to take a defensive position. According to stereotypes such a man wants to draw the attention of the world that their vertical challenges are not inabilities.

The goodness of a man, temperament, behavior and compatibility cannot be measured by physique. A man is still a man whether tall or short. You cannot therefore carry out a critical analysis of a book after having merely looked at the title. When dating a short man avoid being conscious of yourself. I mean that feeling that everyone is watching you and their conclusion is written all over their faces. The expressions on their faces say your choice of a date is all wrong, a mistake.

Dismiss such thoughts and such people just like you would dismiss doomsayers. Let nature and destiny take their natural course when you are dating a short man. Do not view him or treat him like he is a lesser man. Give him your full attention. Give him due respect because he is a man like any other. Give him time and after a while you will see his good or bad side. He is either a jerk or a gentleman just like any other man world over.

It is legendary that short men are over ambitious in their quest to overcome their vertical challenges. A good example is Napoleon Bonaparte who conquered more than half of Europe and wanted to rule the world. His ambitious nature should actually be your source of strength. A short man’s nature will overcome so many challenges and hurdles in life. He is not scared in stepping on peoples toes to achieve his ends. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and realize his ambitions. Dating a short man is dating an achiever in life.

When dating a short man understand him; do not pass judgment on him because of a secondary observation like height. If he is your source of happiness then let it be. He enters a room and he is like a bust of fresh air, he uplifts you when your spirits are low. He knows how to treat a woman. You actually feel special in his company. In such a situation my sister, throw all care to the wind and hold that is dear to you. The bottom line when dating a person is happiness and if you have found it do not let it go!

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Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project DATING A SHORT MAN Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success,Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At DATING A SHORT MAN

is it true Solomon the most foolish man in the world taught the Christan’s how to love a woman?

Songs of solomon:

So here is a guy that teaches the world how to love a woman, and in the end he loses his soul to all the woman he has, and God turns on the kids of solomon because of his wicked ways.

He does not seem to be a man that loves a woman but a man that lusts after them, and the christians follow this mans example. Maybe you should have heaven as an example instead of Solomon. Follow after things of heaven, and not your dust marriage.

Solomon is suppossed to have “laid” 1000 women. He was not a Christian though. It was around 1000 BC, remember?

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