Midnight Club

Midnight Club
Midnight Club

Independent India, "Midnight Hour Race …"

August 14, 1947: Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister independence of India, announced the birth of a new nation, born after more than a century of colonial rule with these golden words – "In the race the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awaken to life and freedom … Are we brave enough and wise enough to seize this opportunity and the challenge of the future? "The rationalist in India's most loved by the Prime Minister was clear in his speech. "The great day" That millions of people have dreamed for years has finally materialized – a passionate day of joy!

Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru worked together in the values that should underpin this great new nation. However, the signing of the Constitution of India does not take place until January 26.1950; progress has been made to this great country since independence, both good and bad. Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence and leader of the liberation movement, was against the wall, but even he did not have stopped the largest forced migration of Hindus and Muslims that followed. A Hindu extremist shot Gandhi six months after independence, Indira Gandhi, the second woman in the world to become prime minister of a nation and who served as Prime Minister for 16 Killed in 1984, his son, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by terrorists in 1991. And now, India Pratibha Patil was the first woman president in the Rashtrpathi Bhavan.

The nation proudly celebrated the jubilee of Indian independence in 1997, and woke the two votes India – Latha Mangeshkar singing "Sara Jahan-being and Achcha Pundit Bhimsen Joshi," Vande Matharam. However, the living legend "with his enigmatic voice could be Yesudas the perfect choice to speak to the central hall of parliament while the country celebrated their golden wedding, which won the integration National "through music, bring people together despite their deep roots of caste barriers, the zones and languages, which makes it more suitable than most, increase the spirit of the nation to celestial heights in the opportunity – no disrespect or Latha Mangeshkar Pundit Joshi is intended both are great singers.

India has grown steadily since independence. The green revolution of the 1960s has helped farmers feed the starving millions of the nation and an export surplus! Education has helped both powerless and Untouchables to make their voices heard and their estimated number in the polls. It is remarkable that India has kept their faith in constitutional democracy, despite numerous crises, wars with Pakistan and China, natural disasters and communal violence, to name a few. India's economy has sunk into global cable and satellite TV antennas seem to be everywhere, even in remote villages! The software is no stranger Man street. India ranks as one of the largest emerging markets ten in the world, but progress in the different States are as varied the multitude of languages and customs prevail in different parts of India.

Although the Constitution prohibits caste discrimination still disadvantages million citizens, but without the Dalits, with representation at the Supreme Court of India and India had its first Dalit in Chief Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Mr KR Narayanan Uzhavoor in Kottayam district, and elected to the Lok Sabha from Kerala was Ottapalam President of India, when the nation celebrated the golden jubilee of freedom – a great scientist with a number of honors in political science from the London School of Economics diplomat, Union Minister, MP and Vice-President, some of the attributes that earned him the highest office in the nation. The state of Kerala has reached 100% Literacy rate is one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in India. Gandhi was a huge success in Kerala, who believed in the philosophy of Gandhi, long years behind bars for the independent struggle K. Kelappen, KP Kesava Menon, Kuttanadu Ramakrishna Pillai, KP Madhavan Nair AM Thomas, CM Stephen, VK Krishna Menon, to name a few. They, along with other Freedom Fighters of all other States India have dedicated their lives for their country during the freedom movement and since independence – their dedication and sacrifices that we must not forget!

Written by Creative in several indigenous languages and English was very popular in India that has escalated in recent years, Many authors have received national recognition and worldwide. Indian women have become the superpower, they have representation in all classes social, Prime Minister, ministers, judges, state governors, doctors and engineers, among others. Our achievements in the field of education, medicine, engineering, agriculture, telecommunications, music and computer technology have been very good progress Commendable been steady but slow! While modern technology has transformed the face of India, life in remote villages and tribal settlements has escaped the international consumer culture, rural life continues as they have always done, despite the invasion of electronic media.

India has always been proud of the concept of "unity in diversity and progress in various areas of life has impeded same concept. It is still decorated the mud walls in villages with paintings of great beauty and townhouses with a call for decoration Floral cross the threshold. Although life is hard and full of hard work, sometimes unimaginable, most people still find time to sing, dance and celebrate, then are those whose life of high fashion and glam, designer clothes, night clubs, beauty pageants and modeling. In these two extremes have middle-class teachers and scientists, social workers, artists, dancers and classical musicians who are dedicated to an ancient art that remains vibrant life, amidst all this diversity, found rocket launching pads and purse!

Gandhi and Nehru had a dream – a prosperous economy and united India – the proud nation still trying to reach this goal! Despite the modernity, we still believe in religion, integrity and family values, and it is hoped that the dream of "dynamic" will be filled shortly. To realize this dream, we must remember here that the nation needs of its people to work very hard to forget all their differences. The new generation has to work towards achieving a better quality of life by improving our country's roads, abolition of corruption at all levels and a better choice trials of political leaders, water supply and sanitation, understanding the roles of civilians to stop 'Harthals and strikes prevent progress the country, better care for our elders and learn to love and respect others – Yes, we have a long way to go! Unless we overcome fear of those whose belief is different from ours, we can not build a free, just and caring nation – should be done individually and collectively, without waiting for our government take the initiative.

© E Menon

About the Author

I am Dr Elizabeth Menon, working in the UK. I love writing and my articles have been published in the UK and abroad. My hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, cooking, watching films, listening to music, helping environmental causes, etc.

Visitors to my homepage get the unique opportunity to read my monthly write up,’Corner’ and articles written by me on various topics in two languages, English and Malayalam (the language spoken in Kerala, otherwise known as ‘God’s own Country’!).
Please visit my homepage at: http://omana.net/

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