Nppl Championship

Nppl Championship
Nppl Championship

History of Paintball

The History Of Paintball

In this article i’m mainly going to show you some markers that have left their trace in the history of paintball. But first: A small introduction.

The first actual game of paintball took place in 1981, between 12 players using the Nelspot 007. The first game was a capture the flag scenario game. Trough the 80’s the sport of paintball started spreading . First it spread to England, Australia and South Africa. Some years later it reached Europe. In 1992 the NPPL was founded and the year after there was played 4 tournaments around the country. In 1996 the World Championships Of Paintball was produced and aired by ESPN.

The first company that made a marker was Nelson Paint Company, the marker was called the Nelspot 007 and was originally used to mark trees in the forestry business.The Nelspot 007 was a bolt action or pump action pistol powered by 12 gram Co2 cartridges. The gun could also be set up with a ASA to accept HPA or Co2.

The Splatmaster was a very economic choice because it only costed around 80$. It’s internals was pretty similar to the 007 but the body was made out of solid plastic (The 007 was all steel). It held 10 round tubes of 0.68 cal. ammunition.

The Tippmann 68 Special hit the market around 1990 and it was a big hit!

This is what Tippmann wrote about it: We took our finest gun and put it on steriods. The result is the 68 special. A new hybrid weapon with proven Tippmann quality and reliability. It combines the ruggedness of the SL-68, the most durable gun we’ve ever built, and the speed of the SMG-60, the only full automatic CO2 paintball gun.

The 68 Special is a true semi-automatic, not a double action with a new gravity feed system that eliminates ball breakage and double feeding. A 1/8″ light trigger movment lets you shoot as fast as you can squeeze off rounds. And a new liquid CO2 system that will shoot up to 200 rapid shots without loss of velocity. “


Now, things have changed and there are electric markers that shoot 20 balls per second. In USA alone, the number of paintball players is almost 10 millions. And the sport is still growing!

If you want to know more about older guns and the history of paintball check out this site:

Also, check out this vid from the paintball marshalls paintball museum:


-Steffen Leinsvang

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WHAT GAMES BEST?????????????

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WII sports party



NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 (WII)????

Paintball FTW!
i liked using my wii remote and gun attachment for paintball, why pay for the real thing?
i would place wii sports party 2nd, PES in 3rd and wii music in last.
if you like music go for guitar hero or rock band maybe.

GAMEPLAY NPPL Championship paintball 2009

Wii NPPL Championship Paintball

Wii NPPL Championship Paintball


NPPL offers a video game experience that closely imitates actual paintball in pretty much every way….

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 - Playstation 3

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 – Playstation 3


Paintball: Breakout ’09 PS3…

NPPL Championship Paintball 09 - Nintendo Wii

NPPL Championship Paintball 09 – Nintendo Wii


Paintball: Breakout ’09 Wii…

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 - Xbox 360

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 – Xbox 360


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