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The beads are probably one of the oldest forms of decoration and jewelry man, and remain popular today as they have ever been. With the advent of modern jewelry making techniques, the range of accounts available to the house of jewelry enormous, ranging from single bone or wooden beads with gold beads and precious metals silver.

Silver beads have been prized for centuries for its elegance and its ability to complement any combination of decoration. But there is a clear difference between silver and sterling silver.

Sterling Silver is commonly called Silver, but it is actually a silver alloy. Pure silver is designated as 99.9% purity, but this tends to make the pure metal is very soft. In applications of jewelry, this may mean that the hard work is easily damaged or broken by the blows. Adding money to other base metals gives strength and durability. The money bill this alloy and the extra money that 92.5%. The additional metal is generally copper (7.5%).

Adding of copper or other metal joint ways that money can work more closely and is in many ways, ideal for lace. All sterling silver bears a stamp, which indicates their country of origin.

silver grains are used in almost all the jewelry, necklaces simple Modern body jewelry. A silver necklace is an air of sophistication and elegance, especially if the silver grains are balanced with other precious or semi-precious stones or pearls. Plate has never gone out of fashion and its popularity is helped by his ability to offer elegance and quality at a fraction of the cost of its equivalent in gold. It is resistant to tarnishing, which need only be cleaned from time to time carefully to restore her beauty.

Necklaces are not only the use of silver particles in jewelry. Because of the wide variety models available, can be used in earrings, bracelets and cuffs to match a necklace, simple but elegant. grains Money can also be incorporated in all types of applications, such as embroidered on clothing or bags, shoes or even the evening. The designers from around the world continue to be attracted by the many uses of silver grains and Haute Couture fashion, with houses design is often the first point to include in their collections.

Silver has the advantage of being "black" in terms of the jewels fashion – that goes with almost everything. A delicate necklace of silver beads, passing can complete a simple outfit of jeans and shirt. The same necklace can be worn with a cocktail dress with a touch of finesse and equality. A handful of silver grains, a well-planned design and a little patience can produce some something that is unique and timeless. The best way to begin to incorporate silver grains in the manufacture of jewelry is to buy a selection and let your imagination. The results are entirely personal and always a favorite part of his collection of jewelry, whatever the occasion.

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