Playstation Complete

Playstation Complete
Playstation Complete

Everything You Need To Know About The Playstation

A PlayStation is the fifth generation video game console and is immensely popular with the youth. This video game was first developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Since its earliest launch the game has witnessed several up gradations and technological advancements. From the earlier Pocket Station to PlayStation 2 and finally the latest PlayStation 3 has created lots of enthusiasm among the youth. The game has sold record number of units throughout the world and has become the first home console to reach 100 million marks.

The best part of launching new play station games is that, all latest models are backward compatible; hence you need not worry even while going for the latest PlayStation 3 model since it has been designed to support your earlier gaming programs. Much of the latest information about the play stations can now be found on Internet. There are numerous websites that give facts about the latest news, views and reviews of the PlayStation products. For many crazy youngsters websites relating to PlayStation gaming console provides cheats, so that the players can easily make highest scores and complete the game without getting stuck at any point of the game.

Among the latest model of play station to be launched is the PS3, which has been launched in November 2006 for North America and Japan, while Europe will witness its launch on 23rd March 2007. For all the crazy PlayStation gamers there are websites providing absolute and updated information about the game cheats, reviews, features and strategy guides. These guides are extremely useful when buying a play station game. They prevent us from ending up in buying a bad game.

From the announcements made we know that the latest model of the game PS3 would have more than one version. Also the hardware and its external appearance have been changed from improvement. Sony, the company that is manufacturing PlayStation games has announced that there would be around $500 – PS3 consoles that will be available at the time of launch. And the price of the product has been fixed to around $499 for PS3 20GB and $599 for PS3 60GB.

PlayStation games are a hot favorite among the youngsters since they offer amazing videos and stunning graphics. There are several guides available online to help you solve a puzzle if you get stuck for too long at any point of the game. No matter how veteran a player you are, sometimes even the expert gamers get caught up in a problem that just cannot be solved. There is nothing worse than this situation but well; numerous game strategy guides online can take you out of any tricky circumstance. What more to ask some of the websites also reward and give full credit to smart PlayStation players for sharing their tactics in completing a game.

A PlayStation game is moreover better than its closest companion, Xbox 360 in terms of performance and efficiency. Apart from an exhilarating gaming experience offered by a PS3, the device console can play PS and PS2 games. The gadget being backward compatible can also play the regular CD’s, DVD’s and SACD’s.

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can someone give me a complete list of PlayStation 3 (fat) parts, I’m hoping to build one from the ground up?

I need this list so I can buy the parts

1 ps3
all parts are included

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