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Puzzle games are the best way to keep your mind sharp. Puzzle games comes in several different forms and all are incredibly fun to play. These games are addictive and sharpen our minds. Its appeal is believable by the fact they are not just present in the form of colorful grind- based but also available and played on computer, mobile and online games.

Puzzle games are a genre of games loved by most hard-core gamers simply because of their ability to challenge a person’s intelligence. Generally, a puzzle is a game comes with some mystery attached that you have to uncover in order to resolve it. It demands both attention to detail and basic common sense to for a solution to be found. Some of the types of puzzles are mechanical, lock, jigsaw and picture puzzles.

Keremino.com offers a huge section to play free puzzle games. These free puzzle games are available for you to play either by yourself or you can challenge someone that you know. We offer different types and levels of puzzles are made for children, adolescents and adults keeping their mental IQ in mind. Some of the most popular free puzzle games that we offer are Munchy Man, Ball Puzzle, BeJeweled, Master Checkers, Cute Cat Puzzle, Galaxy marbles, Puzzle Bobble and a lot more.

To end this, the way in which we play puzzle games has evolved over the years, particularly since the advent of the internet. Now you can play and replay your most loved puzzles without erasing it over and over again.

So what are you waiting for???

Visit us at our website www.keremino.com and in just three minutes you can begin browsing one of the biggest game libraries and play any of the games you choose. There is no catch and you will never have to purchase a thing if you choose not too.

Play Free Puzzle Games at our website and feel the difference.

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professor layton and the curious village help?

i have done all the puzzles on the game and done the golden apples,art lovers,inventor and decorators house in the bonuses, but the puzzle masters puzzles still isn’t available. What should i do?

The simple answer is that you haven’t solved all 132 puzzles required to unlock the house

This has been a fairly common question over the last 18 or so months and in every case players who were certain that they had solved every puzzle, found (with closer inspection) that they actually hadn’t

For more details, see the last question in this FAQ (Why is Puzzle Master’s House locked after 132 puzzles?)

Puzzle Master Demonstration Machine

LingAo 12 Panels 5 Rings Master Magic Folding Twisty Puzzle Cube (12 Piece), Black

LingAo 12 Panels 5 Rings Master Magic Folding Twisty Puzzle Cube (12 Piece), Black


Magic folding board puzzle Regular size magic 12 panels The object is to solve and unsolved this puzzle to the original shape Start with the 5 rings link to each other When solve the 5 rings would unlink with each other like magic ;)….

Puzzle Master Secret Opening Box 2 (difficulty 6 of 10)

Puzzle Master Secret Opening Box 2 (difficulty 6 of 10)


Object: Open the Box Just like our Secret Opening Box, but this larger version is very well made and comes in two types of wood on the puzzle. Makes a great wood puzzle to put on your coffee table…

Puzzle Master Level 5 Trick Lock #1 Puzzle

Puzzle Master Level 5 Trick Lock #1 Puzzle


Object: Open the Lock  Made from solid metal, this Trick Lock is more complex than it appears, and unlike regular locks, a key is not the only answer. The hidden mechanism is deceiving and requites a more careful inspection to unlock it. The lock comes with a spare key in case one gets missing… or broken. This collection of Trick Locks is produced at our PuzzleMaster shop, in Canada….

Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master

Cephas Paulson was born to solve puzzles that nobody else can solve, a talent the U.S. government has exploited with deadly results. Living in 2202 A.D., his is a world dominated by apathy and hedonism where religion is banned and the few remaining Christians hide in the shadows. Known worldwide as “The Cult Hunter”, Cephas is largely responsible for putting them there. Now living a quiet life…

Will Shortz's Puzzle Master Workout

Will Shortz’s Puzzle Master Workout


Each section of this book offers 22 puzzle types, with similar puzzle types grouped together and several puzzles referring to a tutorial in the back of the book. Hints help readers through sticking points, and at the bottom of each puzzle page a note tells readers where to find the solution for that puzzle. Solutions are provided in an interweaving order, so readers are unlikely to accidentally se…

Numbricks - 200 Hard to Master Puzzles 9x9 (Volume 5)

Numbricks – 200 Hard to Master Puzzles 9×9 (Volume 5)


About Book Want to exercise your brainpower and have fun at the same time? Then this book is for you. This book introduces you to the amazing world of Numbricks puzzles. It will help you understand the rules of this puzzle. This book is perfect for players of all skill levels and ages. You will find 200 exciting puzzles, both for beginners and for professionals. At the end of the book you are bein…

Large Puzzle roll up jigsaw mat for up to 3000pc's Easy storage by Puzzle Master

Large Puzzle roll up jigsaw mat for up to 3000pc’s Easy storage by Puzzle Master


Fantastic value puzzle storage solution;Make your own jigsaw on the felt mat;When you want to stop simply pull open the telescopic tube, roll and store;Easily stores most puzzles up to and including 3000 piece size;Measures: 122×92 cm /48×36/…

Pass the Pigs

Pass the Pigs


These 2 little pigs will keep you entertained all day long. This Pass the Pigs classic party game consists of 2 pigs you use as dice, pad, 2 pencils and carrying case. Roll them as many times as you dare on your turn to score points. Just don’t role a “pig out” or an “oinker”. First person to 100 points wins. Makes an ideal travel game with its small plastic carrying case. Imported.;;How’s your to…

MasterPieces MLB Cincinnati Reds Stadium Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000-Piece

MasterPieces MLB Cincinnati Reds Stadium Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000-Piece


• 13″x39″ 3Ft Wide Panoramic Puzzle by Blakeway.• 1000 pieces in full color• Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ball Park• Features an image of a packed Great American Ball Park on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati….

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