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Don’t Confuse Rare Yugioh Cards for Rare Yugioh Cards

Did I lose you at the title? If you stick with me a little bit, I’ll explain. Rarity for yugioh cards is relative. Based on what a card does will actually affect how rare it really becomes in the market. First, there are basically two types of people who buy yugioh cards. The first is the player. Every single time a new yugioh set comes out, a player will go through the yugioh card list for the set and determine which cards will be beneficial to him. The second type is the collector. The collector collects according to his or her preference. Some collectors collect only the rare yugioh cards, while some collect the entire set. I’m a bit of both, I like collecting rare foil yugioh cards and using them to build a deck.

Although both the player and collector can affect the value of any one yugioh card, the player has greater influence on card value of a current tournament legal card. In short, if the card is playable in a tournament, then the player affects the value more than a collector. Another reason collectors don’t affect value as much is because they often just buy one copy of a particular yugioh card. Whereas the player will buy multiple copies of a rare yugioh card to complete the deck.

Now, yugioh cards are classified by the manufacturer based on the ratio of each print run and how much of each classification is placed in a single yugioh booster pack. There are eight common cards in every nine-card yugioh booster pack. One of the nine will be a rare. Sometimes, that rare is replaced by a higher rarity kind of card. In yugioh, there are super rare yugioh cards and ultra rare yugioh cards. There is one super rare in every six booster packs and there is one ultra rare in every twelve booster packs. These are just the numbers based on the print run. It doesn’t mean that if you buy twelve booster packs, then you’re guaranteed an ultra rare yugioh card.

When you’re trading your yugioh cards to either complete your collection or your deck, keep this mind. Not all rare, super rare or ultra rare cards are useful to a player. What this means is that the rare cards that don’t show up in tournament decks are easier to trade for when you’re trading with a player. On the flip side, a rare card that’s playable might be easily traded for when you are trading with a collector. The rarity of a yugioh card depends on the trader’s perception. Some players even trade away super rare cards to get a few rare cards that they need for their tournament deck. So the next time you’re looking to complete your yugioh card collection or tournament deck, find out if the trader is a player or a collector. From there, you’ll know the differences between a “rare” yugioh card and a rare yugioh card.

About the Author

Caleb McLellan is an avid gamer and hobby writer. Aside from actively trading yugioh cards , he also teaches new hobbyists in his local game shop. He’s been known to be a fan of foil rare yugioh cards and loves building all foil decks for tournaments.

Ok, I need a really really really obscure, rare Nirvana fact that almost no one knows…?

I’m trying to find at least one thing about Nirvana my girlfriend doesn’t know. XD She’s a complete expert.

So…? Any really small, rare facts anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Kurt considered naming Nirvana Whisker Biscuit and Poo Poo Box.

Krist Novoselic’s middle name is Anthony

When Kurt was a kid, he was hyperactive and was prescribed Ritalin.

Before Nirvana, Kurt was in a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band.

Dale Crover of The Melvins was briefly Nirvana’s drummer.

Kurt had a sister named Kimberly, a half sister named Breanne and a half brother named Chad.

Kurt used to tell people he was gay, in highschool so people wouldn’t bother him.

After Kurt dropped out, the only job he could find was as a janitor at the highschool he dropped out of.

Kurt’s favorite movie was Paris Texas.

Krist’s father’s name was Krist.

Krist’s family was from Croatia.

Novoselic is pronounced, “NovoseliCH”

Dave Grohl’s daughter’s name is Violet.

When Kurt first met Courtney, he dove on top of her and Evrette True and started punching both of them (playfully).

Kurt broke up with his current girlfriend on national TV by announcing, “Courtney Love from the band Hole is the best f*** in the world!”

Kurt briefly dated Toby Vail of Bikini Kill.

Nirvana wanted the band L7 to be the cheerleaders in the Smells Like Teen Spirit video but Samuel Bayer (the director) did not like that idea.

Weird Al’s spoof of Teen Spirit was shot in the same gym and featured the same janitor as the original video.

Kurt wrote his first poem on the wall of his bedroom. It went like this. “I hate Mom. I hate Dad. Dad hates Mom. Mom hates Dad. It simply makes you want to be so sad.”

Axl Rose threatened to beat up Kurt, backstage at the VMA’s.

After Krist Novoselic’s infamous bass toss (that hit him in the head at the VMA’s) he went missing and was found drinking champaign with Brian May.

Kurt had a sticker on one of his guitars that said, “Vandalism: As beautiful as a rock in a cop’s face.”

Wal-Mart refused to stock In Utero because of the song title “Rape Me” and the collage of fetuses that was the back album artwork. So, Rape Me was released as “Waif Me'” in Wal-Mart.

Kurt really wanted to play Rape Me at the VMA’s but, the producers forbid it. Just to freak them out, Nirvana played the first few chords of Rape Me but, then switched to Lithium.

Complete rare shining and shiny pokemon cards (charizard, steelix, raichu, bagon, shinx etc)

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