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"Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3


Game was identical to MK3 but introduced some new elements. Two tournament modes were introduced. One of them was labeled 2-for-2 Kombat Mode which is like a game of endurance, but with human players on both sides. He There was also a new mode tournament eight players. "Combos" chain could be initiated by a jump coup (vertical or oblique) or a stroke foot vertical jump that has created more opportunities comboing. Some characters were given extra combos and combos, even reducing damage. Combos opponents fists in the air and not to send his opponent to level at different levels of layers. Only uppercuts permit regular. New characters have been added including MK3 UMK3 Kitana, Jade, Reptile and Scorpion in the prototype model. New Ultimate Kombat code added Revision 1.0 to allow Mileena, Ermac and Sub-Zero.

Some characters were given new moves. Stryker now has a "Riot Gun" special move. moving projectile of Kano could be done in two ways: Kano would move in a straight line as in the other MK3 and moved diagonally. Liu Kang Sonya have new and combos that can knock the opponent into the air, resulting in more opportunities combo.

Some moves the character changed a little, in most cases to balance the game Grab Stick Sonya Stryker shooting and leg were due to the properties Special protection against damage. Kabal was unable to move after their land was a spin and a number of hits on the combo, but makes little difference though, as all movement is done on a person after seeing the ground can be blocked if the opponent is in the air. land Kabal combo damage was also reduced by about 10%. Sub-Zero has been mitigated a bit like him and can not create a clone of ice side of the opponent to freeze instantly. If he tries, the statue will not be formed. launches smoke is disabled after four visits combined. Taking note also of the value actually leaves the spear in his chest compartment, whereas in MK3 was convened at the reality behind it. When Shang Tsung touches an opponent with his fireball, now there is a minimum of two other measures before a fireball can be made. Make a plant when an opponent is on the corner pushing the player character in the corner. MK3 friend Sonia, who had his arms waving back and forth in a ridiculous manner, is deleted. Now is simply the victory poses and a row of flowers grow from the ground. Other notable changes: the dejected Cyrax joined the underground "combo" and their bombs can not do your network on the screen. Both Cyrax and earth throw Sheeva active protection against damage. Make Bicycle kick Liu Kang special underground drains running, Jax has a projectile recovery time longer, and the two Sektor and Smoke Robot Punch Teleport now to his fate rather than in the previous game. Spin Kung Lao has a better detection collisions, and does not cause regression in the corner, and now also active protection against damage. Nightwolf bow and arrow was reduced startup time when Combo (which simply means that the situations in which your opponent can not control his temper after being beaten). The player can shoot a missile Sektor crazy side, while the missile engines research are enabled (failure or incomplete programming as possible.)

In addition, several features have been added and modified different for UMK3. The original bottom of the red portal is used to select "Your Destiny" screen has been replaced by a blue portal and Supplement "Master difficulty," he added also. In addition to "Master" difficulty, "Endurance Match return", the player could face three opponents in one turn. They have been seen from the first mortal kombat. Shao Kahn's Lost Treasures was introduced after The main game a player / 8 – The tournament has been completed. These scholarships are eligible treasures lost, some are fighting, others lead to various scenes or other things. The slightest change in game ads in character Shang Tsung transformed and the "Toasty!" The sound is now played in the end credits of the game in which players insert a coin, when Dan Forden picture displayed.

Although nothing was actually removed some items have been published in MK3 pending UMK3. The biographies are shown only for Kitana, Jade, Scorpion, and Reptile (Ninja characters are not included in MK3, but they added to the lineup for this release). All biographiess and portraits of the MK3 characters missing. The biographies that seem to use your screen image Versus', with the text in the portal / background battleplan. All endings character for each character Versus screen shot shows accompanied by a text instead of the original art made MK3 (a misspelling, however, ending Sindel corrected). Images and text accompanying the story has never shown (beginning with "These are the words Raiden "and explain the plan to conquer the Earth and fight Tournament warriors"). Finally, the Bank, the stage the only thing missing was MK3 completely removed from the game.

In UMK3, the AI of the CPU has improved. However, two errors introduced more new revisions: backflipping while away from the opponent if the player makes a jump kick, the CPU always launch a projectile. This leaves the CPU vulnerable to attacks such Sektor-uppercut that teleport, which can easily lead to a devastating combination. In addition, if the player is heading back and forth in a certain range of characters selected from the IA, the CPU, which mimic the movements of the foot of the player during the whole tour and never attack. This game is lacking and it has remained not been corrected for Mortal Kombat Trilogy. In addition, an earlier version of the AI was used in UMK3 – Version 1.1 of the IA is used instead of version 1.2, which caused problems with the development of your code less.

In UMK3, blue bridge portal adds some cycle after Mileena, Ermac and Sub-Zero is unlocked.

The game is rated M in the Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Genesis, Saturn, SNES and Playstation versions. During the last three versions, M is described as realistic violence and blood and Gore realistic for the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 the number of M Blood and Gore, Intense Violence. The game has not been noted in the Arcade version, but a classification of AAMA life, such as violence high.

Characters and cast

Return of Mortal Kombat 3 characters

Cyrax (Divito salt)

Liu Kang (Eddie Wong)

Kabal (Richard Divizia)

Kano (Richard Divizia)

Kung Lao (Tony Marquez)

Stryker (Michael O'Brien)

Jax Briggs (John Parrish)

Nightwolf (Sal Divito)

Sektor (Divito Sal)

Shang Tsung (John Turk)

Sheeva (Stop motion) (available on the genesis and the SNES version),

Sindel (Lia Montelongo)

Tobacco (Divito Sal)

Sonya Blade (Kerri Hoskins)

Sub-Zero (John Turk)

additional characters

Jade (Becky Gable)

Scorpio (John Turk)

Kitana (Becky Gable)

Reptiles (John Turk)

characters unblock

Mileena (Becky Gable) – Kombat finally unlocked code or win the game with Kitana.

Classic Sub-Zero (John Turk) – Unlocked by Ultimate Kombat Kode or win the game with Jade.

Ermac (John Turk) – Unlocked by Ultimate Kombat Kode match or exceed the reptiles or Scorpio.

The smoke of man (John Turk) – Unlocked by holding a special combination of keys after choosing to smoke or defeat Mileena.

Invisible adversaries and exclusive console

Noob Saibot (John Turk) – Despite appearing in the original MK3, is not a palette swap Kano, but a ninja. As before, you fight through Kombat Kode. Some machines known as net wave machines were made primarily the Chicago area had a secret code to play as Noob Saibot.

Rain (John Turk) – recommended to the Assembly opening the game is truly a hidden character that is not true in this game is only playable in the console 16-bit versions.

The chiefs and heads of sub-

Motaro (Stop motion)

Shao Kahn (Brian Glynn, Steve Ritchie's voice)

In the Super NES and Sega Mega Drive versions of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, both Noob Saibot and Rain are playable, even if Sheeva is not present. And Shao Kahn also Motaro are eligible to be activated by a cheat code menu.


Includes all the places of origin of Mortal Kombat 3, less Bank and the Hidden Portal (which were withdrawn) UMK3 includes several new funds:

Scorpion's Lair (also known as hell): This phase also includes a deadly new phase where uppercut the opponent into a river of lava.

Desert Jade: In a reference to its completion MK3 Cyrax is imprisoned until size in the sand in the bottom. Although there will still be in use.

River Kombat (The Front)

Kave Kahn (The Cavern)

Scislac Busorez (Blue Portal) A combination of historical UMK3 'Choose Your Destiny "screen, Hole 3 bridges, and mountains and the bridge of El Hoyo MKII II. This step is added to the cycle of permanent level when Mileena, Classic Sub-Zero and Ermac are unlocked. When clear, Scislac Busorez "details Classic Sub-Zero. " This step appears in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Super Nintendo and Genesis entitled Lost, with Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Dorfen Noob: An obvious knock-off of the balcony stage, you can now play using the difference of a Kombat Kode struggle to see a MK3 Noob. When clear, Dorfen Noob of "spells" Forden Boon.

Before coming to one of the background of an original MK3 or 2 player mode, the game must go through all UMK3 the proprietary funds twice. Context cycle time by selecting UMK3 Kitana. Desert Jade is also a placeholder for the stage at which the Bank used to appear once the player reaches the initial level of cycle MK3. The background music is used to store false Jade played in the cycle level Desert MK3. Scorpion Lair, hidden caves and abandoned water levels can be selected using a password, while the Bank missing step in the cycle.


The following table shows the areas where kombat uppercut can be a character in different cultures.

Street Underground

The Council of the soul of Balconies

Kahn's Kave Scorpion Lair

Net Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Wave

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Wave Net is a network version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat rare 3. It has only been tested in Chicago and San Francisco areas using a dedicated T1 line, connected directly to the headquarters of Midway Chcago, many people outside the test area were not aware of its existence during its launch. A store to maintain T1 installed after the test concluded, but ultimately eliminated from the game for game Golden Red Wave T using a dial-up.

One reason for this version has not been widely adopted was the scarcity and cost lines T1 yet. The game was released before the broadband alternative is available. At that time, a T1 was the only guaranteed way of broadband in an arcade, but the game does not use the bandwidth of the T1. Midway has subsidized the cost of the line during the testing to make it attractive for owners arcade.

It is highly unlikely that a test wave of games were released after net time in infrastructure Service was dismantled, so we do not know the landfills in the ROM used for games designed for it.

Main ports

Like most Mortal Kombat games of its time, the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 made its debut in the arcade. It has been focused on consoles in the house, and some have been more accurate than other ports.

Sega Saturn

This version is based directly on the version Mortal Kombat 3 was released on PlayStation and Windows. It has the same graphics and the menu system but in many places the rest UMK3 MK3 retired to the bow rest. The content of the difference UMK3 MK3 has been added to this version of a casual manner, which reduces the overall quality of game and upset the balance and depth present in the arcade version.

"The Bank" level that was present in MK3, but not returns in the arcade UMK3. Shang Tsung has received a morphing robot smoke, which was not possible in the arcades. The secret characters can be unlocked by a secret options screen, eliminating the need to enter different Kombat Kodes last three to unlock them. It is much faster, especially from the unlocked characters can be saved. The Ultimate Kombat Kodes (to unlock hidden characters) has been shortened to have six slots instead of ten (probably done to allow a single controller), but this method is slower to enter a password to access the screen Secret options.

There were deviations from the Arcade version not necessarily improve the game There are some new Kombat Kodes, but many who were present in the arcade version does not work. Noob Saibot is a shadow as Kano in Mortal Kombat 3 not a black ninja like the arcade version of UMK3. Since the introduction Arcade is missing, the rain did not appear in the game, but the message Kombat Kode "The rain may be found in the cemetery" is always displayed. When you view the event would Supreme almost 30 minutes to complete the entire show: Saturn read CD data to load each movement final. This will bring the game to stop (or load) auction. However, doing so in a scene of animation, the animation is moved, while combatants stopped.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

File: File: SNES – UMK3.jpg

Limits the Super NES has led many changes in this port. Despite this, there have been some improvements. In addition, this version is considered to play buggy. It is also considered by some and below the port of the original Mortal Kombat 3 SNES.

Although the elimination of animality, brutality, we introduce a new form of movement that can end a player to attack his opponent with a series of punches and kicks that result in an explosion of the victim. Rain and Noob Saibot are playable characters for the first time (but not the death of her). Mileena, Ermac and Classic Sub Zero-playable without codes. Motaro and Shao Kahn are characters to unlock Player for two games, if only one player can choose a head at once. An Easter egg was present only access to menus including three trap. The player can significantly alter the game, access the hidden content or see the end, among many other things.

Many sacrifices have been made, however, to respond to everyone in a SNES cartridge. The announcer did not say the names of the characters. Sheeva has been removed, but the release of "8 vs 8 Tournament Mode (hold L + R buttons and press Start at the title screen) and selecting characters random (by pressing Start + Up), in some cases select the icon to party strength (large E), which actually represents Sheeva. Chart Data for this character is removed, which means it is effectively invisible, but their movements can be made, it is incredibly fast and very glitch. Thanks to its normally cause a game crash after all these movements. All steps MK3 original game have been removed, leaving only new phases UMK3. Treasure Chest Shao Kahn is only ten boxes instead of twelve. The stage of portal from MK3 (where the smoke escapes Robot) is present (only accessible by a Game Genie code), but the graphics have been replaced by the UMK3 "Choose your destiny" background. The music played at this stage is the same as MK3. Friendship Sonya Mortal Kombat 3 is used, contrary to his friendship with the arcade version of UMK3. Fatality Ermac is changed. Rain and Noob Saibot Babalities have been given the brutality and the stage of death, but had no fatalities or other movements Regular finish. Hellraiser Scorpion fatality is different: it only takes the opponent back into the hell that comes phase took fire and explosion. Kitana Kiss of death only inflate the head, the same effect as Kabal fatality air pump.

Mega Drive / Genesis

Due to limitations of system hardware, the graphics port to deliver more low and sounds of the Super Nintendo port. He did, however, have unique features compared to arch. Again, the Super Nintendo port, rain and Noob Saibot are playable characters, as well as heads of Motaro and Shao Kahn. Mileena, Ermac and Classic Sub-Zero is playable without codes. Abuse also included in this release. Shang Tsung can be transformed into a robot Smoke, Noob Saibot, and rain, it is not possible in the arcades. Nightwolf has a red shadow pass the shoulder Mortal Kombat Trilogy. This version contains a version of Pong MK4 law, which is the same as that contained the port of Mortal Kombat 3 Genesis.

Some sacrifices have been made with this port though. Animality and Mercedes have been removed, reducing the number of finishing moves. Treasure Chest Shao Kahn has 10 spaces instead of 12. The announcer did not say the names of the characters. Most MK3 missing levels, including including the balcony and the street to uppercutting Alma meters and the house is the player with the highest level. Although the Bell Tower has been removed, the scene of accident mortal remains in the code and executable. MK3 another residue that has not been completely removed were the source of data for the "Endurance Mode ', which is accessible through a Game Genie codes. Sheeva has been removed, although the audio is still available in the sound test. Friendship Sonya Mortal Kombat 3 is used, instead of their friendship Arcade version of UMK3. Scorpio Hellraiser fatality is different: it takes the opponent back into the Hell stage, where they just catch fire and explosion. Kitana Kiss of death only inflates heads the same effect as the air pump deaths Kabal. Rain and Noob have been brutal, but does not move over. Tobacco shares Scorpio man combo, rather than take the only. Stryker In friendship, the characters are replaced by the hounds.

Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade)

This was essentially an emulation, rather than a port, there was So few changes since the original arcade. VERSUS Xbox Live online support has been added as it was in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Wave Net. online rankings were created to monitor all the time network statistics and friends. The size of the screen Adjustable nothing was 4:03 a.m. to 4:09 p.m. televisions. Unlock achievements have also been included. Gamespot "best and the worst of the year 2006 "The name of the version for Xbox Live Arcade as the best fighting game of the year. The game was released accidentally into the digital download service on the afternoon of Friday, October 20, 2006. Quickly removed about 20 minutes later. According to Xbox Live Director of Programming, Major Nelson, a meeting urgently convened to discuss what to do with the game's release, knowing is concerned that some users have already purchased the game The decision was made to go ahead and start the game on Saturday morning, four days before his scheduled release date. Today, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is the only game post-launch of the Xbox Live Arcade to be published on a day other than Wednesday.

Game Boy Advance (like Mortal Kombat Advance)

Mortal Kombat Advance is the title given to the Game Boy Advance port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The character list is the same as their counterparts 16-bit. Version Game Boy Advance has two buttons less than those used in UMK3, which gave rise to many special moves button sequences being consolidated or modification.

The violence in this game was tempered by a group of young fans with the Game Boy (although the game is still rated "M for Mature). The blood is less in this version of the game each character (except for Noob Saibot and employers) has a fatality and friendship. Three characters hidden can be unlocked by completing any newbie lap. The characters of the masked man smoke (Guerrero), Motaro (Master) and Shao Khan (Grand Master).

Advance MK has been widely criticized by fans and critics. Some players have complained that the difficulty of the CPU UMK3 increased dramatically, with opponents combos computer running too long and difficult. Electronic Gaming Monthly editor Dan Hsu has been the first "0" history of the magazine. He currently has a range of 34% on Game Rankings. Mortal Kombat Advance tied with three other titles and the worst level the award GameSpot Game in 2002.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

In all the premium edition "copies of the PS2 version of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon version arcade near perfection is included on the first disc. However, you can not save the unlocked characters in this version.

Nintendo DS (like Mortal Kombat Ultimate)

On June 27, 2007, co-creator of MK, Ed Boon has confirmed officially called Nintendo DS port Ultimate Mortal Kombat, releasing the first report and within new screenshots at IGN. The game is a port of UMK3 arcade perfect includes the game and Wi-Fi and bring the mini game "Puzzle Kombat" Mortal Kombat Deception. Also, when you unlock Ermac, Mileena and Classic Sub Zero, with Kombat Kodes in VS. screen, are left unlocked after the game restarts. It was released November 12, 2007, M planned for the elderly.


One of the most popular game hacks Mortal Kombat on the web, Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy (commonly abbreviated UMKT) was created by the hacker known as Kabal Belarus, using the version of UMK3 Sega Mega Drive as a model. The trick includes all versions of every character (except version of Mortal Kombat 3 Noob Saibot) Mortal Kombat Trilogy, which are particularly new moves and finishing, among other additions. Also presents steps which were not available in one of the Mega Drive port: The Belfry, The Pit and the Pit II. The trick exceeds "traditional" Mega Drive limit of 4 MB read-only memory, such as Super Street Fighter II. This means that you must use an emulator to play games changed over the limit. But the real Mega Drive is able to walk around in general with some errors not shown during the emulation.

A tip version Office is known as Zeus Edition Stryker and Shang Tsung is replaced by the man of smoke and Noob Saibot in the selection screen. But Noob Saibot has no special tricks or smoke Human and finalists can still be unlocked by a combination of keys that version standard. [Edit]


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