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Since April 14, 2004 to July 29, 2004, McGregor, Boorman, motorcycle cameraman Claudio von Planta and their support team traveled from London to New York through western and central Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia and Canada, over a cumulative distance of 18.887 miles (30.396 km). The only sections of the journey not made on a bike had 31 miles (50 km) passing through the Channel Tunnel, 580 miles (930 km) by train in Siberia, which circumvented the gap Zilov several river crossings and a short section is impassable in eastern Russia, which took place on trucks, and 2,505 miles (4,031 km) flight from Magadan in eastern Russia to Anchorage, Alaska.
During his meeting with many rivers and serious lack of functioning bridges while traveling by road from Bones to Magadan, the riders got their BMW through some very deep river. However, runoff was the Siberian winter was in full and, after a valiant effort, cycling has finally been charged on trucks and transported drivers passing through some deep rivers.
The trip visited twelve countries from the UK, then passing through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, United States and Canada, ending in New York.
The team mainly stayed in hotels while traveling in Europe, North America and regions populated areas of Russia, but often have no choice but to camp after their arrival in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. She took the time to visit a variety attractions and sightseeing during the trip, including the Church of Bones in Czech Republic, the monument to mask the pain (described as "Masque of the phrase" in the show) in Magadan, Russia and Mount Rushmore in the United States. Ultimately arrived in New York as planned and the city accompanied by a phalanx of bikers, including McGregor's father Jim and the team from Orange County Choppers.
The support team
In addition McGregor Boorman and von Planta, the LWR team also had a support team, including producers David Alexanian and Russ Malkin and cameraman Jimmy Simak. Partly Journey through Russia and Asia, which were also accompanied by security adviser, and Dr. Sergio Vassili. The team Support vehicles were traveling in two road red Mitsubishi L200 Animal LWB 4×4 pick-up and black private Shogun Warrior DI-D Auto and usually followed by a day behind the bikers, meet at the border and when circumstances dictated a greater degree of teamwork is required.
Before leaving London, McGregor and Boorman trained specialists in a range of disciplines. Operation in hostile environments and hazardous ( example, illegal checkpoints and local armed to the teeth) was covered by ex-SAS Major, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. off-road driving, language Russian and maintenance of motorcycles have also been discussed before departure. In addition, expert tips Embassy officials and the various countries who came to visit. During the first aid training, McGregor decided he should be a doctor them in the main trip, which would be far more medical help.
The researchers have dubbed "Ewan and Charley's Angels," also helped get the team on the road. mother of Claudio von Planta has been returned to service personally deliver a new passport from Switzerland his son, as Claudio did not have enough space in your passport for any necessary visas. Claudio also discovered that his Swiss motorbike license was not valid for several countries where they would go and had to take another test in the United Kingdom. The day before departure, he failed his test by not checking not their mirrors while changing direction. Therefore, he missed the start of the trip and went to Prague to join the team after making the second attempt.
McGregor advocated riding motorcycles BMW then preferred Boorman KTM, a specialist in Austria and manufacturer of motocross bike. It also considered Honda bikes. After the test off-road machines, KTM and BMW, McGregor Boorman agreed passion for KTM. However, after one of their riders met with the specialized field of LWR team and learned a lot about their intentions, KTM finally refused provide them with their bikes, citing concerns that the team can fail. Boorman took the news badly as had been particularly attached to the idea of driving a KTM motorcycle for the ride.
BMW then contributed three BMW R1150GS Adventure motorcycles for the road. Bikes included a number of changes to help the team this document and its mission. The bikes were equipped with camera, microphone and screen screens / panels mounted. A GPS measurement system with points awarded special interest in Mongolia and Siberia, has been crucial in roadless areas and signage.
The first problem with the customs authorities came when the team crossed the Republic Czech, Slovakia. It was stamped his book (A document which ensures that valuables placed in a country were not sold) to enter the Czech Republic, it would mean the confiscation of their cameras. A commission is paid and the team was able to continue with his team. A similar problem occurred at the intersection of Ukraine. Border guards insisted on the original registration certificates of vehicles, while the team was only photocopies. After about 12 hours, the Ministry of Interior with the checkpoint and insisted that the team is allowed to pass.
The team has had different problems with the police in Kazakhstan, which have often stressed to accompany the team throughout the country. The trip quickly became headlines and local police sometimes get team improvised welcome parties, most often with television crews and offers new fermented milk. The team has had enough of these unforeseen events and, finally, that insisted on being allowed to travel alone. However, after an incident when a passenger in a passing car pointed a gun against them in a section deserted road, the team realized the value of police protection and were happy to see the authorities when they reached the city's most close.
The onboard cameras used by McGregor and Boorman have been specially designed for travel after Sonic Communications consultation with the team during the preparation phase. Each driver is controlled both chambers, the first was built on their helmets and offer panoramic views from the front of the bike. The second chamber is removable allowing McGregor and Boorman to keep the cameras, or attach them to the front or rear of the bike depending on where they wanted to film. This is particularly useful because they could be removed to prevent theft or damage while the bikes were unattended. Ewan and Charley could see what they were recording in a small screen attached to the handlebar. Claudio von Planta photographic equipment was more sophisticated and often came forward and stood behind the other to get the plans they want.
Riding for UNICEF
The trip was also used to draw attention to the humanitarian efforts of UNICEF. During the trip the team took the time to see the film and some of the work of UNICEF. The projects were visited an orphanage that receives children in Ukraine affected by the Chernobyl disaster a climbing wall built at a youth center in Kazakhstan, and an outreach project working with street children who live in blocks of floor heating in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
The trip was not necessarily without accidents and incidents. Ewan McGregor was sprayed gasoline in his (recently laser-corrected) eyes in the stations on two occasions (one of them needs a trip to an optometrist in Ukraine). In the first case, Boorman tried to stop a gas pump to put your finger on the nozzle, only to send a jet fuel directly into the face of McGregor in the gas tank on the other hand own bike McGregor spilled during filling. face McGregor became badly swollen around a mosquito bite in Kazakhstan (Claudio and Ewan joked that it might be a spider bite black widow), who needs treatment and threatened to reduce the adventure. McGregor also showed his ass badly crushed and revealed that his penis had become swollen and pain during the trip, again due to mosquito bites.
Riding through remote areas Mongolia and Siberia, and crossing rivers in flood is one of the most tiring day
Russ Malkin and Vassili rolled his SUV in Mongolia and lucky to escape with minor injuries. Boorman undermined the muscles of the left shoulder in Siberia and could not travel for several days (which occurred when they could not cross the river and were largely local and trucks mounted with the support team). McGregor was pressed by a very young driver outside Calgary and was lucky that his bags bore the weight of what could have been an incident very serious had the force of the rear wheel impact. The next day, Boorman was beaten for another Calgary who have invested in it at low speed, fortunately without causing injury or damage. Cameraman Claudio von Planta was stolen during the trip, when an opportunist thief stole his tent and personal effects that had was briefly unattended while in Siberia. Charley Boorman, also stole his wallet from his jeans in some natural hot springs Canada, which contained $ 500 and $ 400, and their credit cards.
Motorcycle Breakdown
The bike also had its fair share of punishment. von Planta was cameraman a bike frame broke after a bad fall in Mongolia and only a "Bodge work" by Boorman, using tire levers and fasteners cable, which helped get the bike to the next town where the picture could be a soldier. However, after the image arc welding was found that the antilock brake system was not working and the bike should be sent to Ulan Bator and sent home. A replacement was found locally (nicknamed "Red Devil"), a new Russian-made red planet IZH 5, purchased for about $ 1000. This cycle later developed problems gearbox. Two Mongolian shepherds came along and quickly repair cycle, laughing at the fact that McGregor and Boorman could not despite their wide variety of tools. Ironically, the area was crossing was particularly wet and muddy, so the heavy BMW undrivable, McGregor and Boorman for forcing the man to handle and shoot long distances, while von Planta, now the world is much lighter, has had no trouble riding through it. The bicycle frame McGregor broke in two places in Siberia leaving them no choice than to stop a passing truck and took them back for over Tynda welding.
One of the biggest fears McGregor had water in its engine, which affected twice through the rivers of Siberia. However, pumping water from the engine and exhaust and the bike roared back into life. Motorcycles also had several problems after it was misplaced during the flight from Magadan to Anchorage, which require a complete service to get to Alaska. Boorman only suffered severe puncture of the trip. All bikes suffered several blows of claws and other cracks, but ultimately survived the bike trip.
Music in Long Way Round was picked up by McGregor and Boorman. It includes tracks by Stereophonics, Coldplay, Orbital, Massive Attack, Radiohead and others. The song was written and performed by Kelly Jones, Stereophonics singer. McGregor and Jones discussed ideas for the song by text message during the trip.
A double DVD of the day was released as a miniseries on DVD at the end of 2005, consisting of seven episodes 45 minutes each for a total of approximately 400 minutes of material. The episodes have no names, but cover some of the following sections of your trip:
Episode 1: Preparation;
Episode 2: London to Volgograd;
Episode 3: Kazakhstan
Episode 4: Barnaul in western Mongolia;
Episode 5: Yakutsk western Mongolia;
Episode 6: Yakutsk to Magadan (Way of the bones);
Episode 7: Anchorage to New York
The bonus disc accompanying contains several short films and deleted scenes.
Special Edition
A special edition DVD was released, extending the series for a total of ten 45-minute episodes on 3 discs (and no bonus disc of the original version) totaling approximately 540 minutes of material. Differences between the two versions are, especially at the beginning (the original version condenses the trip in one episode special edition of more than two), and the end (the original version shows her journey from Anchorage through Canada to New York in an episode, the special edition more than two), publishing Special also devotes an entire chapter on interviews and a look back trip a year later. Episodes Special Edition also unnamed, but include some following sections of your trip:
Episode 1: Preparation, Part 1;
Episode 2: Preparation, Part 2;
Episode 3: London to Volgograd;
Episode 4: Kazakhstan;
Episode 5: Barnaul in western Mongolia;
Episode 6: Yakutsk western Mongolia;
Episode 7: Yakutsk Magadan (the road of bones);
Episode 8: Anchorage to Calgary;
Episode 9: Calgary to New York;
Episode 10: One year later.
selection Music is also slightly different in the two versions.
Other projects
McGregor and Boorman's team conducted an REO second voyage known as the Long Way Down, biking Groats John o 'in northern Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa in 2007. As Long Way Round, visit and awareness for UNICEF projects was an important part of the trip. Boorman took part in the Dakar Rally 2006, which was filmed and broadcast in many countries such as Race To Dakar. Boorman also undertook a journey from Ireland to Australia by any means.
McGregor and Boorman were inspired by Ted Simon's book Jupiter motorcycle trips. Ted met in Mongolia.
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