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Gta San

Gta San
Gta San

How Voice Overs Have Transformed Video Game Characters

Voice actors are bringing it. They’ve moved into the video gaming realm and are definitely providing a completely new experience to novice and avid gamers alike. Through the use of voice overs gaming characters have gained depth and personality they just haven’t had before now. The gaming industry has brought in the big guns to lend their voice talent to some of the most popular video games around.

Celebrities you already love are now coming into your home in a whole new way! Some of the celebrities that are getting hip on this trend are the likes of Vin Disel, Samuel L. Jackson and James Woods.

Voice Over Talent and Games

Jack Black, Tim Curry and a whole crew of rockers like: Ozzy Osborne, Kyle Glass, Lita Ford, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilminster have given the XBOX 360 game Brutal Legend a spot in many a gamers’ heart.

Samuel L. Jackson brings Officer Frank Tenpenny, the main antagonist of GTA: San Andreas to life in a real bad, but good way. Ice T joins Jackson and lends his voice to GTA: San Andreas as the rapper Madd Dogg . You’ll also find James Woods voicing Mike Tereno, an undercover governmental agent in deep cover as a drug supplier for a crime syndicate in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as well. Kyle MacLachlan gives his voice to the media tycoon character Donald Love in GTA III.

As with the movies, Vin Diesel is playing the leading men in the video games Riddick and Wheelman. His voice offers his characters a deep, manly tone that gives them a tough guy persona with a hard edge.

Ron Perlman, of Hellboy movie fame, is one of the busiest voice actors around, he’s best known for being the narrator of the Fallout games. Among other credits is no other than Conan in the Conan games. As far as the gaming industry goes, gamers love him.

Mickey Rourke lends his voice talent to “Demo Dick” Marcinko in the video game Rogue Warrior. The game has gotten some bad press for its price point and for the lengthy and lacklustre beginning. However, Mickey Rourke saves the day with his attempt at rapping at the end of the game.

Patrick Stewart does the voice over for the Emperor Uriel Septim in the popular game Oblivion. He sets the mood for the game at first; unfortunately, his voice talent is wasted as the Emperor gets killed during the game.

The Outlaw Sports gaming world has had comedians Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert lend their voices to the game. Each do voice overs as commentators in two separate games; Colbert in Outlaw Tennis and Carrell in Outlaw Volleyball, look for improvised and seemingly unscripted lines from both.

The industry’s trend toward providing the most realistic gaming experience possible through highly tuned technical, visual, and audio features will continue to give birth to many more great opportunities for the voice over industry. Not only celebrities are being cast in these games, but voice actors as well, so there is room for all who are interested to benefit.

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at
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Can someone give me the steps on how to download the bigfoot mod for gta san andreas?

Can someone give me the steps on how to download the bigfoot mod for gta san andreas?

it may sound stupid but it worked for me 😀
but thats the only way i found sorry!

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