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Cover Mod

Cover Mod
Cover Mod

Mod Your Wii Without A Modchip For Wii

Did you know a modchip for wii costs over $50. You will then be able to play copied games freely once you have installed the modchip. The modchip for Wii is tricky to install though, meaning you have to phsyically dismantle the Wii and spot solder the modchip onto the board. Depending on your skills, you may have to seek professional help to fit the modchip for Wii which will cost you even more.

There is a new piece of software available called BreWii which does every a modchip for Wii can do and much more!
To install BreWii all you have to do is put the software on an SD card and insert it into your Nintendo Wii. It takes about 10 minutes to install and is an automated setup unlike a modchip for Wii. You will also unlock a lot of new features on your Nintendo Wii!

You will be able to download Nintendo Wii games and burn them to a disc; the entire library of Nintendo Wii games is at your mercy! If you have an external hard drive you can store all of your games and access them from a menu.

A fully featured media centre is available that will download all of the cover art and information about your movie and TV series collection, a modchip for Wii can even come close It will also give your Wii the ability to play DVD’s.

My favourite part of the Nintendo Wii is the superb virtual console, but you can only play the games that Nintendo chooses to make available, all of that changes when you have installed BreWii though. Emulators are available for great consoles such as the SNES, Sega Megadrive and Sony PS1. Every game ever released for any console is available to download online to play on your Nintendo Wii.

The modchip for Wii is a real disappointment, The BreWii mod takes the modchip to school. Modchip for Wii is difficult to install, its very easy to brick your console and your warranty will be voided! Did I mention the cost?

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Head over to the BreWii website and forget buying a modchip for wii

can i get my modded ps2 to play burnt ps2 games without swapmagic or a hard mod?

so i modded my ps2 by covering the sensor so that i could play burnt ps1 games. how you do it is you leave the top open and put an original disk in and when the playstation sign pops up you switch the disk with the burnt one and it just continues to play. i was just wondering if there was a similar way to play burnt ps2 games with out the swapdisc or the hard mod.

the simple answer is no. but you can buy a mod chip that’s costs about 50 bucks. But it is worth it. infinity 1.1 was the mod chip i had and works great. you can buy them from ebay or from a market in the computer/electronic section because they are lots of hAcKeRs that do that kinda stuff.

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