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Wheel White

Wheel White
Wheel White

Jean Dunand Grande Complication White Gold

The manually wound Grande Complication wristwatch – 12 complications, 827 parts — joins the JEAN DUNAND stable of superwatches created by one of Switzerland’s leading watch constructors Christophe Claret, and marketed by his partner Thierry Oulevay.

A combination of classic complications, and more…
A true “grand complication” watch gives full expression to the three classical areas of horological complication: the repeater, the chronograph and the perpetual calendar. The JEAN DUNAND Grande Complication does more than qualify for the title, with a tourbillon escapement and retrograde calendar indications as well.

However complicated a watch, good timekeeping is its primary function. In addition to the tourbillon, Christophe Claret has introduced two novel refinements to improve precision. The first is an isolation device that disconnects the chronograph split-seconds hand from the movement when it is stopped. Without this device, the stopped split-seconds acts as a brake on the movement, affecting its performance.

The second device is a new type of shock-proof bearing that equalizes the amplitude of the balance, whether the watch is flat or upright. A specially profiled and off-centred end-stone for the balance-pivot creates a slight friction on the balance when the watch is horizontal, bringing the amplitude down to 320°, the same as when it is vertical.

The 12 complications of the Jean Dunand Grand Complication

Perpetual calendar with retrograde dates and days
Just under the dial, an invisible pattern of wheels, cams and levers computes the varying months of the calendar, not forgetting February 29 every four years. On the dial, the perpetual calendar shows the date, day, month and four-year cycle. Added complications that simplify the calendar display are the retrograde indications for the date and the day. A glance tells you how the month and the week are progressing. At the end of each, the hands fly back to Monday and the first of the month respectively.

The sound of time in a minute-repeater
The extraordinary mechanism that reads the time and communicates it to you in a code of chimes is the most technically difficult of the great classic complications. Push down the lever in the caseband, and the cams, racks and hammers go into action to tell you the time to the minute. The hours are struck on the first gong, followed by the quarters on two gongs and ending with the minutes on the second gong. Synchronising and controlling this spring-driven engine is one of the highest tests of a watchmaker’s skill.

The tourbillon – perfecting the classic
The tourbillon is constructed to demonstrate the high level of workmanship required for the classic tourbillon. The balance vibrates 18,000 times an hour on a balance-spring with a Breguet overcoil to ensure its concentric action. The wheel of the tourbillon cage drives the chronograph, transmitting the five-beats-a-second of the balance directly on the 1/5-second scale of the chronograph.

The split-seconds chronograph – a ballet of levers
The chronograph and split seconds are controlled by two column-wheels, each governed by its own button. The button at two o’clock rotates its column-wheel to activate the levers that start, stop and zero both chronograph hands together. The button at 4 o’clock stops the split-seconds hand for an intermediate reading and then makes it catch up with the running chronograph seconds. A third chronograph hand at 3 o’clock on the dial counts each minute the chronograph runs.

Jean Dunand Grande Complication Technical specifications

Model Jean Dunand Grande Complication – White Gold

– Exclusive manually-wound movement created by Christophe Claret, 100% manufactured and assembled in his workshops
– Mono-pusher Split-second Chronograph with Isolator, Minute repeater, Tourbillon, Bi-retrograde perpetual calendar.

Dimensions 28×10.75 mm

Parts 827

Jewels 54

Power-reserve 40 hours

Case White Gold or Red Gold

Diameter 42 mm

– All pieces are angled and polished.
– Polished parts are “polies miroir” by hand.
– Revolution pieces are circular-grained.
– Brass and German silver parts have undergone circular-graining and electroplating.
– Each movement is entirely assembled by the same master-watchmaker.

Strap Hand-stitched alligator leather strap.

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