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Skin Care Information You Can Use

It’s pretty easy to find skin care information these days. I’m constantly seeing magazines, infomercials, morning news programs, and even morning talk shows that have some segment or clip giving you skin care info. You need to be wary about what they tell you before you rush out to get the latest hot product, because it may not be something that you should be using


You can find skin care information just about anywhere. I think that most of what they tell you as far as how to take care of your skin is well intended, but there are some exceptions. For example if the person is urging you to get a specific product because of the wonderful benefits that it gives, I would have to check out the ingredients of the product before I would have any faith in their claim.

Any time that you are presented with any skin care info that is product specific someone is making money either from the sale of that particular product, or from promoting it. I have absolutely no problem with people making money from a product as long as the product lives up to its claims. Too many times we have been let down in these situations.

I remember coming across an infomercial at night where an aging TV actress was touting a new collagen cream to give you younger looking skin. She was laughing and joking with the woman who was giving the actual skin care information about the product, and telling people about how they would never have to worry about painful injections again.

They and others have sold a lot of collagen based cream by giving skin care info that simply wasn’t true. One of the reasons that collagen in a topical cream won’t work is that it is not a readily absorbable substance. Besides that, collagen is a natural protein produced by our bodies, and it will not bond with collagen from another source.

Medical grade collagen is derived from cattle and pigs, and is not even remotely compatible with that of humans. The only reason people who have received collagen injections look temporarily younger is because they’ve had a substance pushed up under the skin to plump it up.

A few weeks later the stuff has dissolved, and they are right back where they started from.

There is some positive skin care information as far as collagen goes. A company based in New Zealand has discovered a way to stimulate the re-growth of the collagen that was once available in abundance during your youth. While searching for ways to make their anti aging creams better, the research and development group made a startling discovery.

They found that a particular kind of Keratin could be extracted from the wool of native sheep. This Keratin, which is actually two blended Keratin proteins, actually proved in clinical testing to be effective. Now that is some skin care info that we can all use.

About the Author

Sherri Stockman is a Naturopathic Practitioner and avid researcher of healthy means of “turning back the clock.” Visit her site now at www.Healthy-Great-Looking-Skin.com for more natural skin care information.

Best Wii remote chargers and accessories?

I just received a Wii for Christmas. I have been doing some research on the remote chargers, but I have noticed that a lot of them do not allow you to keep the wrist strap and/or skin on the remote. What charger to you recommend? I would like one that allows you to keep the remote accessories on…but if those are no good, then I will reconsider.

I have a kit that came with the golf club, tennis racket…and a few other things like that. I also have 2 steering wheels. What else should I get for the Wii?

Thank You!!!

I would get one that uses Induction to charge batteries, like this one:


Or this one


Just do a search for induction Wii remote battery or something like that.

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