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Smack Talk

Smack Talk
Smack Talk

So you and your girlfriend broke up, but you still want her back. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most guys experience this at least once or twice in their lives. The good news is that you can get her back, but there are some things you need to avoid doing if you really want to succeed.

1) Don’t Talk Smack – It might be tempting to bash her when you’re talking to your buddies, or talk about how you’re falling apart without her when you’re talking to mutual friends. Either way, don’t do it. Bashing her reeks of insecurity and is going to make her think that you’re immature and she’s better off without you, and falling apart over the breakup isn’t exactly going to convey the message that you’re a strong, high-value man that she made a mistake breaking up with.

Oh, and trust me, she will find out. People always talk about breakups, so you want to make sure that your lips are sealed. If people ask about it, just tell them you’d rather not talk about it. You can open up a bit more down the road, but for now you just want to sit tight and see what happens.

2) Don’t “Coincidentally” Bump Into Her – It may seem like a good idea to drop by her favorite hangouts right now, but trust me, it’s easily the worst thing you can do right now. She doesn’t want to see you, and you showing up isn’t going to miraculously make her come back to you. What it will do is make you look like a stalker, and weird her out. Depending on how bad the breakup was, it may even make her feel unsafe. For now, you need to stay away. Remember, your goal here is to get her back, so rest assured that you guys will have plenty of time together after you patch things up.

3) Don’t Beg – If you’re having a particularly weak moment, you may think that you should promise her that you’ll do anything to get her back, or that everything she didn’t like about the relationship will change, or that you will be a better boyfriend. Don’t do it. Not only does it sound hollow, but the combination of desperation and vague promises is not what she wants in a relationship anyway. You can’t beg someone to love you, you have to show them that you’re worthy of their love.

It’s not too late to get her back, you just need a solid plan of action. Turning a breakup around is easy if you know the right steps to take. If you want a surefire way to get your girlfriend back, click here.

How do I smack talk in my Yahoo fantasy football league?

Go to your team page, and in the top right in blue text, it says “edit smack” click that, then the cursor becomes available for you to write whatever you want.

My personal favorite is “go to randle h’el” when im playing a team that has antwan randle el.

smacktalk iphone application