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Tetris Attack

Tetris Attack
Tetris Attack

Top 10 games to enhance the Senior Health

If you think video games are for teenagers lazy or sedentary adults only, think again. Once they begin to reach their "golden age" or if they are well beyond their 60s and 70s, his heart, mind and body can use the adrenaline caused by modern gaming machines are now available.

Why video games are not just for kids?

If What exactly are the benefits that grandparents can learn to play the Wii games Online, PlayStation 2 or as the game? In reality, it is much more than video games what he really thinks.

A number of studies in the past have shown that video games have many positive effects for senior health. For young people, one of the benefits of playing video games is to develop their problem solving skills. Video games are known, even to improve skills as a surgeon in the table operation.

Now, to give you an idea of the benefits that seniors can enjoy, take a look at the list below:

1. According to the journal Psychology and Aging, playing complex video games after receiving the training can improve cognitive function in elderly. This is one function, which generally declines with age.

2. Besides improving its target = "_blank" title = "cognitive functions"> cognitive functions, video games that require the elderly to perform multiple tasks can also improve their ability to perform daily tasks more in the "real" world.

3. Searches in the past also indicates that video games, such as those provided by Nintendo and the Wii can be used successfully with the elderly doctor suffering from Parkinson's disease, target = "_blank" title = "Alzheimer's disease"> Alzheimer's disease and other illness or psychological counseling.

4. Preliminary studies have shown that strategy games can help the elderly to keep their brains sharp knife.

Because you play with a joystick, video games can help improve your hand-eye coordination.
To sum it up, what games do is keep an aging brain young – which explains why giving birth to a multitude health benefits of Senior General. And with the introduction of Wii fitness game on the theme, saying that they can not benefit benefits of physical play as well?

Top 10 games to enhance the Senior Health

After learning the benefits of using video games to improve seniors' health, the games need to borrow your grandchildren? Here are the Top 10 video games that improve Health High Level:

1. Brain Age and Brain AGE2

This is a video game for Nintendo DS, which has already led to a more: AGE2 brain. The original and video games are more inspired by the work of Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima

Basically, what Brain Age video game will stimulate your brain gives the training you need with activities such as solving simple math problems, counting coins, drawings or decode the letters.

As shown in the website activities in the brain AGE2 game will increase the blood flow in the prefrontal cortex. [TARGET = "_blank" title = "Mala movement"> Bad Blood] Traffic

2. BrainBashers.com

BrainBashers.com is actually a website that was launched in 1997 by Kevin stone, BSC. The site has a large collection of puzzle game, puzzles, riddles, puzzles, games and optical illusions.

The good thing BrainBashers is that five new puzzles are added every two weeks, then you will have brain exerciser new games to look forward. [Brain strengthening exercises]

The advantage of visiting sites like these is that their mental acuity worsened because of the large number of activities that your brain can be brought in.

3. Wii Golf

If for some reason or another, they decided to stop playing golf – you can always have a go at it with the help of a video game for Nintendo Golf Wii.

You can enjoy them in the context of the collection of Wii Sports which includes a series of sports simulations in five years: tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing. So how exactly will the Wii Senior Golf help you have a very good workout – with the help of a video game? Libra [Exercises] Elderly

The Wii Remote is the key. What it does is mimic the actions in real life sports.

Let's say the order ranged Wii to be used as a golf club, the mechanism detects how hard or how soft is your golf swing, and results will be displayed.

4. Dancing with the Stars

Whether or not you're a fan of the series that the game is based on, you the explosion of a reproduction of "Dancing with the Stars" video game. Launched in October 2007, the game has versions for PC and online, and is also available on Wii, PC, mobile and PlayStation 2 platforms.

If you get the Wii or PlayStation 2 format of the game, when you have the best time to exercise, as it comes with the dance mat. Basically, you can enjoy a workout while playing a video game in the same time.

5. Tetris

If a game is installed on your mobile phone, computer or game console, the classic game of Tetris blocks offer many advantages for you in his last year.

When you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play the game and you are in an advanced, quick wit sharpened. Hand-eye coordination and logical thinking are the other benefits you get from this game

6. NASCAR 09

Perform risk-taking race driver with you in the game NASCAR 09. Is presented in the following formats: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you're not racing, you can try driving and theft of video games, which will keep your mind sharp.

7. Guild Wars

This PC game is available for Windows only, and is developed by ArenaNet. It is an episodic series of multiplayer online role-playing.

Guild Wars is indeed popular among young and the elderly – so you'll have plenty of youth to keep you company while the game sharpens his mind at once.

8. Pogo.com

If there is an online video game site is popular among the crowd of more than 40, which is simply Pogo.com. The site is suitable for the elderly who are not really into racing, war games or strategy games.

Pogo.com has a wide range of puzzle games, word games, card games, games board games, video games and sports to keep spending hours both you and your child spends big on the Internet.

9. Scratch

A Another classic game that will keep your mind razor is scrabble. You can even go further and use the game fun to connect with your friends and family – no matter what part of the world they live in.

You can have a game with two or four players, and receive email notifications when it's your turn play.

10. Grandparents Games

In addition to our list, is the aptly named Games grandparents allows people to communicate with your grandchildren through interactive games. If you want to connect with children of their children in the exercise of his brain at the same time, the service will have free access during 7 days.

There is a minimum quota to continue, but if you like playing games, worth it.

There you have it – our list of Top 10 video games that allow the elderly to exercise their brains, their bodies and improve their hand-eye coordination. Who says video games are a waste of time and are only intended for children and adults lazy, can never be more wrong.

About the Author

Neelima Reddy, author of this article writes for HealthWatchCenter.com; which is the premier publisher of health related information and news from around the world. This blog is aimed at helping you better understand the problems you are facing every day and offer suggestions. Health Watch Center

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