Uncharted Drake

Uncharted Drake
Uncharted Drake

Right out of the gate, you know this video game is truly amazing. Naughty Dog has created an amazing video game. This game has improved on everything that was amazing in the first Uncharted. Naughty Dog has taken the first Uncharted and turned it up a couple of notches. Everything is better with Uncharted 2:Among Thieves. The graphics are better. The shooting is better . Even the drama is better. With cutting edge graphics, this 3rd person perspective game with its cinema-quality action scenes, clean voice acting and the interaction of the characters, Uncharted 2 will have you feeling like a you’re watching an epic blockbuster movie .

The cast has not changed much from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Victor Sullivan “Sully”, Drake’s long time friend and mentor, returns from the first game, as well as Drake’s romantic love interest, Elana. There are some new faces this go around, also. Chloe Frazier, a seductive thief. Chloe is Drake’s current love-interest. She is the third player in a nicely written love-triangle. Drake’s longtime friend and associate Harry Flynn. Flynn is known more unscrupulous than Drake and will take just about any job so as the money is right. Zoran Lazarevic is the psychotic leader of a secret terrorist community. Lazarevic is a fugitive war criminal bent on beating Drake to the treasure.Tenzin, leader of his Tibetan village and only speaks Tibetan, comes to Drake’s aid shortly after the train wreck and becomes a trusted ally of Drake.

The story has Drake being lured back into the world of treasure hunting by Harry Flynn. The pair have traveled to turkey to steal antique oil lamp from a museum. But they are not going in alone. Chloe has also been pulled into the heist by Flynn. Once they have the lamp in their possession, Drake realizes the consequences of their heist. Of course, like with all good story telling, Flynn double crosses Drake once the they get their hands on the oil lamp and leaves Drake to handle the security guards on his own.

Drake and Lazarevic are both trying to find the Cintamani Stone. The Cintamani Stone is a Buddhist sapphire with mystical properties, believed to be somewhere in the lost civilization of Shambhala.

Also known today as Shangri La. Drake and company will be travelling to locations like Turkey, the jungles of Borneo, Tibetan villages, and Nepal along with other locations.

If you did not play the first Uncharted, game play of Uncharted 2 combines platforming, exploring, combat, puzzle-solving and shooting. Being hundreds of feet above stable ground while climbing walls , leaping from pole to poles, and jumping from building to building may cause a slight sense of acrophobia for a gamer or two. These are also feats the gamer will have to perform perfectly or suffer the consequences of ….death.

It is more fun this time around to shoot and punch the enemy. There are more guns. The grenade- throwing has been tweaked. If you love hand-to-hand melee combat, then you are going to love Naughty Dog has done to the melee combat in this video game. There are quite a few ways Drake can take down foes via hand-to-hand combat. You have the ability to pick up riot shields and move while in cover in this game. And if you prefer the stealth approach to taking down an enemy, you can sneak around and silently take out your enemies from behind. Using stealth to take down a room or an area full of an enemies perfectly can help to avoid an unnecessary gun battle. If the enemy doesn’t see sneaking up on him from behind or his side, then he can not cry out to alert his comrades nor will he have a chance to fire his weapon. This is not new to the Uncharted series. Nathan had the ability to sneak up from behind and quietly takeout an enemy. It’s just Naughty Dog improved on it for this game.

The enemy AI in Uncharted 2 are pretty smart. They can and will throw grenades at you, and just like you they will take cover. The enemy AI use the surroundings to their advantage in this game. They present more of challenge to the gamer. This, in turn, makes for more interesting and challenging game play.

Another feature of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is multiplayer. Similar to the Call of Duty video games, in Uncharted 2’s multiplayer you obtain levels and earn cash. In turn, you can use the money you earned to purchase new skills for your character and upgrade weapons. The amount of money you earn depends how well you did in the round. Uncharted 2’s multiplayer offers several different game types, seven maps, and modes.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, in my opinion, is a great game. Naughty Dog has taken Uncharted 2 and have raised the standard for games yet to be released.

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is there an invincibility cheat for Uncharted Drake’s Fortune for PS3 and if so what is it?

I just got my 120GB ps3 yesterday for my birthday and my parents bought this game to start me off

I believe there aren’t any cheats for invincibility, but you can check Gamespot.com. Just type in the game’s name, and you will receive a list of cheats, tips, FAQ’s,and easter eggs

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Library Puzzle

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception 26×38 Framed Art Print


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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Signature Series Guide


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PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle (Digital Download Code)[Discontinued]


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