War Playstation

War Playstation
War Playstation

Who will win the HD war games?

Sony PlayStation 3 finally launched across the world, the next generation video game wars can start in earnest. Microsoft has already installed a reasonable basis for the Xbox 360, but not enough to guarantee dominance, while the brand loyalty Consumer Sony is testing the limits to the tip of the price of the PS3.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has carved out a niche for himself even, This makes the next generation is not high definition, with its ridiculous name, but very popular Wii.

In industry, but most experts expect a much higher playing field this time, with Microsoft and Sony in trouble, but no significant gain dominance on the other. It is, indeed other words, a disaster for Sony, whose PlayStation 2 has defined a generation, not just the consoles.

What is the reason for this change? In one word: exclusivity. In the good old days, game publishers were persuaded to leave their game on a console, and perhaps later, to allow the grace of competitors' machines, so Lara led the original PlayStation and PS2 GTA helped explode. With the next generation, exclusivity is almost gone. GTA will launch the Xbox 360 and PS3, and Lara is twice the PlayStation everywhere. There is even rumors turn the snake's tail and Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 will not be exclusive. In fact, the only games that are exclusive to one format tend to be those developed by the manufacturers themselves the console games in first person as they are known.

While Microsoft and Sony have up his sleeve? Sony has a game called Heavenly Sword, which has games journalists are excited, but apart from that its release schedule in the near future is quite embarrassing.

Microsoft in turn has a machine old enough to be on hold its second wave of titles, games that really should begin to take advantage next generation equipment (if so far been shown Gears of war powers truly new generation of players). Its tail is looking good, and not just the first part: Bioshock, 2K, Mass Effect, a highly anticipated game by Bioware can not hurt to get Halo 1 March months after GTA IV on both platforms – you do not have a bucket big enough to describe how this game will sell bucketloads, Fable 2, Lionhead Studio beloved and then more and Project Gotham Racing Halo action.

In essence, this year for the Xbox 360 has good games for tent pole with 2 versions of GTA IV and Halo 3. Sony has GTA IV and Heavenly Sword games and much more at the third multi-platform games.

Therefore, Microsoft hopes to change some players with his line, but Sony also needs to wait for an effect of GTA on the console. This pink, if not pink, Microsoft Outlook could change the year next though. Sony has a more personal development than anyone, and if it can take time, you have to expect their first matches to start drilling.

All this, of course, considering only the game console as just that, and is to see what effect, if any, Blu-ray (PS3) vs. HD-DVD (Xbox 360) high-definition formats for videos are for sale.

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