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War Xbox
War Xbox

The prequel to Halo: Halo Wars for Xbox 360

Players who have benefited from the struggle against the Covenant and the soldiers of flooding in the first three Halo games are now able to step back in time with Halo Wars for Xbox 360. The previous installment Halo 3 is a shooter first person who has completed several decades later that the new Halo Wars begins.

The Halo trilogy and the huge success of Halo 3 has allowed developers to produce the Halo 3 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 and, of course, continue the battle and to provide more back stories with the new Halo Wars for Xbox 360.

In Halo Wars players can control the forces of man and the Covenant. With an easy to learn control system, including players have not played Halo 3 will be able to know the story and complete the campaign. If players are first-person shooter fans, fan real-time strategy or just Halo fans, they will find what they want with Halo Wars for Xbox 360.

The true story of Halo Wars is shown that players have a great cinematic voiceover and credible. In collaboration with units and environments seamlessly integrates credible Halo Wars in the series, and please fans of the genre. Players can download Halo3 and Halo Wars for Xbox 360 to play and compare the final game of the trilogy with the prequel.

There are two simple tutorials on Halo Wars, which introduce players ever to play and control system. The combat controls have been simplified Only two buttons, which means that players can select and send soldiers to fight against enemies.

Halo Wars offers players the challenge and fun to control units of the series. Vehicles USNC Marines, Spartans, boars and tanks, and all the new flamethrower, Cyclops, Cobra and style to present a united front against the structures, the attacks of the infantry, vehicles and aircraft. If a player can not have a large number of units under his command, each unit has a number of improvements to create a better defense system.

Halo Wars players battle to find a realistic and ambitious than his team USNC Covenant forces. USNC team must defend against infantry Covenant powerful elites, brutes and Hunters armed with swords energy tanks Wraith, grasshoppers and beetles.

During the game Halo Wars requires players to generate resources at the beginning of each level to create blogs and collect his army. Once a player has made their buildings and resources of the Army has created, does not require much attention, it's a good thing, because you must focus on the field battle.

Some of the objectives in campaign mode of Halo Wars are quite similar to campaigns Halo 3 for Xbox 360. However, the campaign mode of Halo Wars places more focus on these goals, which makes building bases allowing players more action and less painful. The objectives include escort missions, regain lost bases, the bases of the defense and all assaults on.

The option for Xbox 360 Halo Wars Use cooperative campaign missions is a new feature that is fun and useful. Players can choose to play the campaign in collaboration with the co-player or another command of a difficult mission. co-op game allows players to share resources, share control and access to other buildings and units.

Halo Wars provides new new challenges and a great story of Halo 3 fans, and it is easy to learn and follow for players who are new to Halo. Few FPS games have found success and faithful following of games like Halo trilogy, the prequel to Halo Wars is not as massive as Halo3, but gives more time for the real battle with less construction time and development.

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