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A History of the Spanish Civil War

During the Spanish Civil War, the world's eyes have turned their attention to Spain as an epic medieval battle that took place between the forces of good and evil, but depending on which side of the fence you sit, these labels can be applied on each side or maybe even if the barrier remained in both. Although the world tolerates it, without thinking or perhaps do not want it was a practice session or rather a war of power between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. This trial was a company pest in Spain, viscous and Spanish, the show would have a devastating impact worldwide. But it was a war that the result of internal problems Spain, which had existed in Spain since the early nineteenth century. liberal tradition he came to power with the Spanish Constitution of 1812 attempted abolish the absolutist monarchy of the old regime and establish a liberal state. Therefore for a series of civil wars and revolts between liberals and royalists during the nineteenth century. Spain remained a constitutional monarchy in most of this period with brief exceptions, the First Spanish Republic. A monarchy of Alfonso XIII, lasted from 1887 to 1931, but since 1923 is held in place by the military dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera. Primo de Rivera promised to eliminate corruption and to regenerate Spain, who suspended the constitution, imposing martial law and imposed a strict system of censorship.

However, few social reforms took place, inflation flight and after losing the support of the army was forced to resign in 1930. In 1931, Alfonso XIII of agreement for democratic elections, the people voted for a republic with a terrestrial age of Alfonso left his throne and went into exile. The Second Spanish Republic was led by a coalition of left and center, which approved a series of controversial reforms such as the Land Act 1932, which distributed land to peasants. These reforms, as well as anti-clerical policies and implement reductions in military strong opposition. The November 1933 elections, the right won CEDA 115 seats, while the Socialist Party won only 58. CEDA now formed a parliamentary alliance with the Radical Party. Over the next two years, the new administration demolished the reforms were introduced by the government above. When a progressive Popular Front government was elected in February 1936 with the promise of land reform and conservative realists immediately began planning resistance. In July 1936 a military coup was organized, but failed and the government retains control of large parts of the country. The Nationalists will seek to fascist dictatorship in Italy, Germany and Portugal for assistance, and soon began receiving men and equipment of Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Antonio Salazar. This has finished a chance that the war would be limited to only a Spanish question, but became a symbol of democracy against fascism. The world was still under the shock effects of the Great Depression and the Spanish Republic was considered a beacon of hope and a solution provider.

In addition, world gold became cut with fascism – Japan invades Manchuria at the beginning of the decade, the Italians had been cut in Ethiopia in 1935, Hitler was a demon of the Jews in Germany – so that when the fascists were involved in Spain, the world should have had enough and decided to do something thing. The problem is they do not. Not Britain. It is not France. Not the United States. Everyone fears a war more wide, Hitler did not. Mexico has sent guns and arms of the Soviet Union and several men sold hundreds and it was the Republicans were very stranded. The nationalists were assisted by about 60,000 Italians, 20,000 Portuguese, 15,000 "volunteers" sent by their German. However, thousands of volunteers went to the International Brigades, more than 32,000 soldiers from 53 nations have signed and went to Spain to fight with the units Republicans. Although the war was fought mainly against Spanish. The rebels included virtually the entire army officer and military Regular body for long periods of service in Africa, and most rural paramilitary Civil Guards. They are soon joined by the Navarrese Carlist well trained and more fascist Falange (political movement) volunteers. The Republic remained the support of most of the urban paramilitary assault guards and various unions organized and armed revolutionary groups. The initial shock was unsuccessful, but the Republican leadership was indecisive and fractured with the various factions following their own agenda and participate in internal civil wars.

However, after the untimely death potential rivals, Franco took sole control of nationalist forces. The Nationalists quickly won control of much of northern and take the Galicia and Navarre, most of León and Castile-La Vieja and half of Aragon and Extremadura. They established their capital at Burgos, but his first attempt has been arrested in Madrid in the first major battle of the war in the Sierra de Guadarrama. In the south, Seville, Cordoba and Granada were captured and then consolidated by the vanguard of the African army, transportation by air in Germany. While half of the garrison remained in Morocco the rest remains under combat ship against the Italians. After a first attack against Republican Cordoba was rejected and the coast around Malaga has been deleted protected by Italian troops in January 1937, the southern front was rejected by the duration of the war.

The Spanish Foreign Legion has made a step forward Extremadura Sevilla nationalist marked by atrocities. Then raise the garrison Toledo and beyond, pushed the capital, arrested in the City by the militias and a small unit of Soviet tanks. However, the republican government fled to Valencia. During the winter of 1936 / 7 an attempt to cut off communications with the nationalist Guadarrama Madrid and not in February, the new brigades International Army of Africa in the mountains of Jarama. Italian Armoured Division in March, made arrogant by the success of the opposition cons in the field and appropriate light around Malaga last year, was defeated near Guadalajara humiliating.

In July, Republicans have launched a bloody offensive against-Brunete success, but now in a vicious stalemate prevailed, near Madrid.
In the north, Nationalists under Navarre Mola advanced to near the border of the Basque provinces of France in August-September 1936. Oviedo was released in October, a lot of dynamite thrown Asturian miners went to defend Madrid. In late March 1937, the Basque provinces Mola struck again in the East and the fall of Bilbao advance to the semi-heavy June Santander in August and the conquest of Asturias was completed in October.
In the East, the Revolutionary Armed Barcelona twice launched massive offensive in Aragon, but the Nationalists held the major cities, including a projection vulnerable to Teruel, where fierce fighting took place during the winter 1937 / 8. Since March, the Nationalists retaliated with heavy artillery preparation followed by progress Infantry Short in the north of Valencia, cutting ties to the land of Catalonia in mid-July. Republican strength has been destroyed in a desperate battle on Ebro in July and October and Catalonia collapsed in early next year. The republican army, riven by a new internal civil war, fell to national progress of all parties in March. For many, however, suffering is not over. There would be a war calendar that ends in reconciliation, Franco began a reign of terror aimed at the physical liquidation of all its potential enemies. The concentration camps been established. Tens of thousands have been killed. mass executions continued until 1944. General Franco's victory marked the beginning a dictatorship of forty years in Spain (1939-1975). Under the Franco regime in Spain suffered from international isolation, although at varying degrees different. In 1955, the country was accepted as a member of the United Nations, and in 1970 General Franco named Juan Carlos as Prince his successor, the future king of Spain, thus restoring the monarchy. Death of a dictator in 1975 King Juan Carlos I was crowned and the countries listed in the long journey back to full democracy.

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