Wii Mario

Wii Mario
Wii Mario

Hottest Video Games and System is the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit

Nintendo, a leader in video game consoles has struck another home run with their latest offering. The Nintendo Wii is a revolutionary video game system that puts the player right in the middle of the action. Most video game systems have controllers with several buttons which control different movements of the characters within the game. The Nintendo Wii is different. It’s controller senses movements of the player and responds accordingly. If a player is playing tennis on the Wii, they will hold the controller in their hand and swing, just as if they controller was a tennis racquet. Same goes with bowling; The player holds the controller as if it’s the bowling ball.


The Nintendo Wii was introduced in November 2006 and was an immediate success. Sales of the Nintendo Wii were so brisk that stores could not keep enough in stock to satisfy the demand. Since it’s introduction, Nintendo has sold over 34 million Nintendo Wii game consoles.


Because the Nintendo Wii is a very active video game, system it appeals to a much different demographic than traditional game systems. Many buyers of the Nintendo Wii are first-time game console buyers, lured by the unique design.


One very popular addition to the Nintendo Wii is the Wii Fit Board. This unique accessory looks similar to a bathroom scale. The player stands on the board and then is able to control a character on the screen. After some setup, the Nintendo Wii Fit Board will take the user through a number of exercises all suited to help the user get in shape. A player makes a profile of their height, weight and other physical attributes then the Wii Fit Board goes to work at creating an exercise program tailored for each person. Over time the exercises become more challenging as the physical condition of the user improves. The Nintendo Wii has even been integrated into exercise programs at nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to help in maintenance and recovery.


Even though the Wii is unique and rather unconventional, it still appeals to hardcore gamers as well, with a full range of games for just about every taste. Some of the most popular games include: Wii Mario Kart, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, Wii Star Wars, Wii Rock Band and Wii Ski.


For those looking for a unique gaming experience, the Nintendo Wii is certainly a great choice compared to other video game consoles. Not only can you play games on it, but it can also connect to the internet and be used to surf the internet. Rather than sitting at a computer, which is what you likely do all day at work, the Wii allows you to surf the internet without leaving the couch. For occasional web surfers, now there’s no need to have a separate computer that rarely gets used. You can save money by purchasing a new, used, or refurbished Nintendo Wii System online.


The Nintendo Wii is the most innovative video game console to be released in many years. From the youngest child to the seniors, it’s a great gaming system for just about anyone.


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Please post your opinions to these three questions about the Wii, and Mario galaxy?

1. Is the Wii/Mario Galaxy made and meant for children? If so, what age?

2. Do you think that while the console has sold more than it’s competitors, it is the ideal console for home entertainment?

3. Do you believe that the main reason for Mario’s success and hype is his first revolutionary appearance on the NES?

The wii and mario galaxy is made so that kids can play it, but it’s not directed towards them. There are lots of T and M and shooting games. But Mario is extremely fun for all ages.

It has sold way more for competitors, and it’s interesting new twist on video games makes it great for entertainment.

Mario’s success is somewhat based off of the NES, because if that games stunk, it wouldn’t be around. But the games are very fun, which is the main reason.

Hope this helped!

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