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Can Nintendo Wii Play Dvds? Yes, It Can

Do you want an answer to your question “can Nintendo wii play dvds“? Then read this article to discover the best answer to this question.

As you would agree with me that the Wii console when it was developed suffers so many advantages it’s rivals like Xbox 360 and PS3 have in common.

And what is it?

It is called DVD playback. Although it has a DVD drive, but does not support this. This means you cannot play DVD movies, play mp3 songs on your powerful Wii console.

But recently, there is a new development to make your Wii play DVD. More so, you would have the ability to freely backup your games to regular DVD’s. This means you would forget about scratches issues as you be able to do your backups easily as many as possible.

So, how can Nintendo wii play dvds?

The right way to do this is to unlock your Nintendo Wii DVD feature with a good and detailed unlocking guide.

The best guide for this is called Myhomebreware. It contains all you need to make your wii play dvd. Like good video tutorials, pictures and the main unlocking files.

Can I Use The Free Guides?

Although there are a lot of them on the internet today, but I would advise to run away from them. Most of the times, the unlocking files you would download contain virus that would spoil both your computer and Wii console.

So, be on a safer side, get the best guide to unlock your Wii now and get answers to your questions “can Nintendo wii play dvds” by getting this guide now.

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Click Here to get this guide now.

Why will the wii play game only allow us to use 2 remotes?

On the game, wii play, we can only use 2 remotes even though there is a place where it says add remotes. It will not let us click that when we try to add a 3rd remote. (there are 3 of us that want to play together) Please help!!!!

it’s a two player game, that’s why. the box should indicate that it is a 2 player game

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