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Wii sports have translated regular couch sitting game-play , into action filled afternoons where you better be ready for some action if you want to come out on top. The Wii sports games are great for those that already love sports titles like Madden , Tennis , and MLB baseball, and for those that have become intrigued by the “live action” feel of these games. Most would love to try out as many of these games as possible. But that is probably not possible for most of us, atleast not if you were to purchase each title separately.

Well, these days you dont have to go out and purchase Wii sports one by one. There are places on the Internet that allow real Wii gamers to download there faves. Ofcourse there are things to look out for when roaming the wide plains of the world wide web. If you are interested in filling your Wii sports collection with all those fantastic titles , here are some tips to keep you safe and happy.

Why Downloading Wii Sports is Possible

Downloading unlimited Wii games is done through file “sharing” sites. The sites offer you access to how ever many games are available through the use of special software. The sharing is completely legal on these sites. The way they are set up follows all rules and regulations. What makes these sites legal is the fact that users are paying for there downloads. BUT, not for each download. All we have to do is pay a 1 time fee. A small fee at that. You see, these sites dont really make alot of money off of the 1 time fee. There goal is to have as many  users as possible at these sharing sites for advertising purposes.

What to Watch Out For

When signing up for Wii Sports downloads you need to be careful. Some sites that offer free downloads are dangerous. They are un-monitored sites that have no provisions. Therefore the files they “give” you can be corrupted, damaged, or even worse, full of viruses. Here some signs of “dirty sites”:

  • No Technical Support – All legit sites will have 24 Hr Support
  • No downloading rules or regulations- There are Federal Laws regulating file sharing.
  • No Endorsements-Good sites are always endorsed by top software sites like “Cnet”and “Tucow”
  • Unorganized Listings-These bad sites offer no organization what so ever.Beware of sloppy site design.

In closing , I have some safe sites listed below. You will find that the best sites offer a wide variety of Wii Media, like Sports, Music, and Movies.

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Beware of Dirty download sites. Findout what the best sites are about, Wii Download Sites

How many calories does Wii sports Baseball burn?

I was playing single player, batting and pitching.
Wii sports, not wii fit.
I was playing for 15 minutes, what is the average amount of calories that were burnt during this time (i know its different for different weights etc).


It depends upon your height, weight, sex, activity level, etc. so there is no “average amount”.

I asked my female friend (150 pounds) to look it up; she said 15 minutes burns 56 calories or about 3 calories per minute. Either way, it’s probably somewhere between 1 and 5 a minute.

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