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What Are The Top 10 Latest Best Selling And Most Popular Ds And Dsi Games And Downloads Of 2009 Year And All Time?

What are The Top 10 Best Selling & Most Popular Ds and Dsi Games and Downloads of 2009 Year and All Time?

Being a Dsi fan and owner, do you ever wonder what are the top 10 most popular and best selling ds and dsi games list for 2009 and all time?

This is to help you find the list of top 10 ds and dsi best selling games of 2009.

  1. New Super Mario Bros
  2. The legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  3. Mario Kart DS
  4. Pokemon Soul Silver
  5. Scribblenauts
  6. Pokemon Heart Gold
  7. Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
  8. Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  9. MySims Kingdom
  10. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Other best sellers include Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Final Fantasy 4, Dragon Quest 4, Brain Age 2, Style Savvy, Fossil Fighters and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

Now you’ve the big list but don’t ever spend 20’s and 30’s dollars on a single game which you are not sure if you would like it or not.

Even after reading all those reviews, knowing whether you like the game or not is just by playing the game right?

There is one place, you can download all the latest dsi games and even the Japanese releases that aren’t released here yet including the latest releases Glory of Heracles, Dark Void Zero and Starship Defense. Dsi Download Center is the place am talking about, I recently took membership with Dsi Download Center a lifetime subscription for just $39 (Promotional offer may not be extended for long time though, I think). They are the largest Nintendo Dsi approved database having over 250K Dsi downloads including games, apps,music, movies, tv shows and software. 250K + and counting, because their database is ever growing everyday.

After I paid the subscription fee, I immediately got login access to their huge dsi database, all the step-by-step tutorials that instructed how to download dsi games to micro sd card, Dsi and Ds Media Software and multimedia tools pack. I got really astounded on seeing their huge Dsi database, all the favorite games and apps were there for immediate download, be it Brain Age 2, Real Football 2009, Sims 3, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda or the latest releases. I liked the concept of unlimited dsi downloads at ultra high download speed from Nintendo Dsi center for just one time easy payment, because you can have freedom to try all the games you want, right? It is the most required membership for all Nintendo Dsi owners.

About the Author

Tom Parks works for Microsoft. He is currently researching on PC optimization and system security. He is also an avid gamer and owns xbox, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Dsi and PSP

in the legend of zelda, the old gold cartridge for the first NES, how do you get through the forest maze?

Before you do
that, if you need another red potion, now is the time to get it as
there are no potion ladies nearby after you pass the convenient one.
There is no need to go on the Rupee Path other than to buy a red potion
as the two things you will get does not require money of any sort. The
Forest Maze is on screen B-7. To get to the Forest Maze from the
beginning on screen H-8 go: Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Left, Left,
Down. This screen is just like the Lost Hills as when you go anywhere
but the right path and the direction right then you will run into the
same screen. There are many blue Molblins on this screen and in this
general area of the dead woods which are all the woods with red trees
in it so watch out. Once you do get to the Forest Maze then go these
directions: Up, Left, Down, Left. Once you go those directions you will
be in a new screen. Another gambling information lady in a cave nearby
would of told you the directions as well but that would just be a waste
of rupees. Once you leave the Forest Maze then go up 4 screens and then
right one screen. Here you will encounter several new overworld enemies
all of which are a bit tougher than the ones you are used to. The main
one to worry about is the Lynal that shoot swords but just kill them
like you would kill an Octorok or a Molblin and you should be fine.
Just don’t get hit with their swords that they shoot of course for that
can do some damage. As for the Ghinis, which are the ghosts in the
cemetery, I would just ignore them for they are just a waste of time.
Now at the screen where you should be as of now, one of the middle
graves in the second row can be pushed. You will know which one it is
as no Ghini will appear when you touch it. If it is the correct grave
then push the tombstone from the top pushing downwards and enter the
staircase it reveals. Kids don’t try this at home, graves should not
be messed with but to be respected, as you don’t want to run into a
goulish zombie visitor, but visiting underground graves happens in
every Zelda game so just get used to it. In the cave under the grave is
an old man that will give you your final sword if you have enough
hearts. You need a maximum of 12 hearts to be exact, which you should
have by now if you followed this walkthru step by step. This sword
kicks ass as it can kill many enemies instantly, including some tough
ones. There will be the occasional toughie enemy out there though that
will still take a few hits to kill so don’t get your hopes up. After
you get your new sword then I would now go get the power bracelet. The
power bracelet is not very far away at all on screen E-3. To get there
from here after you exit the grave go: Down, Right, Right, Up(Take the
right stairs), Right, being careful around the enemies along the way.
Now on this screen, wake up the Armos in the top right corner and under
him is the power bracelet. When waking the Armos be careful though as
sometimes he runs around very fast and is hard to defeat then. I would
awaken him from the back then quickly stun him with the boomerang and
kill him then. The power bracelet infact doesn’t do all that much but
it will still come in handy. The only real thing it can do is open the
shortcut. The shortcut can be opened in any of the four locations of
the shortcut and after it is activated it will be activated until the
very end of the quest. Luckily, one end of the shortcut is simply left
of this screen, but of course you will need to go down a screen to get
around the rock wall. On this screen now push one of the four rocks and
be careful around the Lynal. You have now successfully activated the
Hyrule shortcut! The four ends to the Hyrule shortcut are on screens:
D-3, J-5, J-8, and N-2. Just go to any one of those screens and if you
want to travel quickly across the land then use these shortcuts. Once
you enter the staircase that the shortcut revealed then you will have a
choice of three roads to pick from by entering staircases. Certain
paths lead to certain areas so I will so generously lay out the correct
paths for you.

Shortcut Paths:

D-3: Road #1 leads to J-5; Road #2 leads to J-8; Road #3 leads to N-2.

J-5: Road #1 leads to J-8; Road #2 leads to N-2; Road #3 leads to D-3.

J-8: Road #1 leads to N-2; Road #2 leads to D-3; Road #3 leads to J-5.

N-2: Road #1 leads to D-3; Road #2 leads to J-5; Road #3 leads to J-8.

If you are too lazy to read and decipher all of that then just do trial
and error and you will eventually find the correct path. This shortcut
system is very useful though as you don’t have to trek all the way
around Hyrule which can take forever sometimes. Before you enter Level
6, you could use your new shortcut to go near the fairy fountain on
screen J-4 if you lost a lot of health of this journey. After you do
this then take the shortcut to D-3 and go: Down

Zelda OOT Gold Rupee In Kakoriko Village

Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket

Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket


Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket…

The Legend Of Zelda Gold Cartridge Plush Throw Blanket 48 x 60

The Legend Of Zelda Gold Cartridge Plush Throw Blanket 48 x 60


Nintendo licensed The Legend of Zelda gold NES game cartridge 48″ x 60″ throw blanket….

Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Super Soft Plush Throw Blanket 48 x 60

Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Super Soft Plush Throw Blanket 48 x 60


BlingSoul The Legend of Zelda Cufflinks Set - Tri-Force Hylian Shield Cufflinks (Gold Black)

BlingSoul The Legend of Zelda Cufflinks Set – Tri-Force Hylian Shield Cufflinks (Gold Black)


The Hylian Shield is the name of a recurring shield in the Legend of Zelda series. It is a metal heater shield, we have recreated this shield same as it has been used by Hylian Knights; somehow its design varies. But this piece is very attractive, I am sure when you will wear this Legends Of zelda cufflinks everyone is going to admired, then what are waiting for go and grab this amazing item, you …

Zelda Triforce Gold Plated Shiny Necklace - Length 18 - Handmade

Zelda Triforce Gold Plated Shiny Necklace – Length 18 – Handmade


Taken from the video game The Legend of Zelda – perfect gift for gamer geeks! This is machine cut out of 3mm thick brass, and then polished by hand to a shiny level and given for gold plating. It is sized about 25x25mm (1×1″). It is completed with a 14k gold filled chain. Shipped with a black gift box, great for gift giving….

Hollow Out The Legend of Zelda Red Heart Container Necklace Gold Chain Couples Lovers Valentine

Hollow Out The Legend of Zelda Red Heart Container Necklace Gold Chain Couples Lovers Valentine


Hollow Out The Legend of Zelda Red Heart Container Necklace Gold Chain Couples Lovers Valentine…

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